Kiril, fury of the beasts vs Cataclysmic Gladiator

well i just got my Kiril. It's kinda great. A great damage output once the polearm procs. Allthough, I am a PvP'er. And i'm not really too sure if i should use it in pvp...I have the points for the Cataclysmic Gladiator's weapon now..If i use the Pve staff, i do a great damage output as mentioned, but i love the crit rating which only comes back if the staff procs, i also lose over 300 resilience.

What do you say, fellow druids?
And don't vote for Kiril just because you get enormous while it procs...I was more constructive answers! =)
Can always switch in combat, use kiril, get your openers and coordinated burst, swap to the gladiator staff when you pop defensive cooldowns etc. I'm not sure if you can swap to Kiril in combat or if that will block further proccs, but you can at least have one swap from Kiril to Gladiator weapon.

TLDR: Use both, if focused swap to the gladiator weapon. Can always macro it to SI, barkskin or bearform. In some setups/matchups you won't get focused that much, in some you will.
Will prob have to run a internal cd, like if you swap a trinket or any use weapon in combat. To avoid having several procc weaps to swap around.

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