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Average RP name 6/10
Dont know what to think of, kinda looks like name for lets say samurai (fk knows)

But il lgive it 8/10
dunno why u want to be silent? wham bam thank you mam? 7/10

google xlator= usynligemand / invisible man.. only 2 on armory both are owned by me <3
Well since I'm swedish I can clearly understand the meaning of your name (plus you wrote it out for those that can't), I'm kind of anti-scandinavian names, especially if it's related to the class, as I feel it sounds really silly most of the time.
Soo... I'll give you a 2/10.
Sam cna be said for you nmae 3/10
9/10 reminds me of professor oak, and im a huge fan
Precisely the reason i changed to this name - kinda drunk :L

Nice short name, rogues love short names 8/10 <3xoxox
Funkymcnast 9/10

Oak sounds good simple and original 8/10

Not feeling like rating the rest

sound weird and not very well to me
4/10 :(
Sounds like a pokemonattack to me, which is nice. 8/10
Pretty cool I guess. 7/10
Somewhat funny 6/10
0/10 for all because of poor class choice and such

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