Why is Arms "better" than Fury?

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Hey. Everyone says that Arms is better than fury in 4.3, but I would like to hear some mathematic arguements, and what the different functions is that makes arms deal more damage.

What I know is that Arms deals massive damage with bleed effects and overall more damage with their abilities than Fury. At the other hand I think Fury is more related to stats and gear. As you get 2.2 AP per strength in Fury. Also it relies heavily on their base attack. You stack crit / hit all the way and ur main source of dps is bloodthirt and melee damage pretty much side by side.

And as I started to play in 4.3 and haven't really red the patch notes. What made Fury warrior so bad in 4.3? Any response or ideas would be great!
Both spec are equally good I think, but I also think fury(TG) is a bit over. But just play with what you enjoy, don't change spec just because you think that spec is bether then the other.
Yes atm arms is better (check raidbots.com) and the thing with fury is thats it's all about procs and auto attack hits that dont always hit. Arms abilities hit (lambs stacks) and crit(impale talent) much harder, more colossus smashes with sudden doom which because of mastery procs pretty often, and it has a more steady rage regen, less than what fury can regen but at least you can't miss attacks.

if you are a raider i suggest arms, but if you are a casual just play what you want to play.
Probably because Fury requires BUTTload of hit, and even then, you'll get ''MISS'' a lot where it leaves you rage starving. I've tried it with 16% hit and it still sux. ''miss, miss, miss, miss''

This spec would be awesome if PvP didn't exist. Cause they were forced to nerf this spec as some PvPer cry babies were whining about how Fury does to much damage.

They nerf it, and already it got overnerfed. Basically 2x 2h weapons and so much effort to make this spec work for you, is only worth if you got NOTHING ellse to focuse on.

If you play alts or tank etc, etc, this spec is not worth the effort!

In my opinion, this spec is useless, cause you can have the same or even better dps with Arms, with half the effort.

Ask Blizzard why they fck up awesome parts of the game to please 1% of nerds in 3v3.

Blizzard statement, the PvP is balanced around 3v3, yeah, so every other PvP aspect of the game is just fcked. It was more understandable when 2v2 3v3 and 5v5 was included, then the Arena balance was somewhat complete.

But now ONE little part of the game is being focused on while so much is left in the dark.

Just goes to show, they don't want to work, they just want to enjoy the cash they get, by employing minimum-wage workers.
Yeah Blizzard has always had a problem combining pvp and pve, if they nerfed fury cause of pvp reasons they are just lost. Most people do PvE and therefore the specs should be made for PvE purposes before PvP purposes. Imo just !@#$ pvp and make decent PvE specs "vanilla style" or just make totally other abilites for PvP. Like two different spellbooks. One for PvP and one for PvE. Obviously they can't combine it anymore.
because people always feel the need to follow the spec the top warriors use,hoping they get better results for themselves

which is wrong
Arms outperform Fury atm simply because most people don't have the ilvls to shift around for massive hit and critt. Arms is alot less stat dependant and with the new tier items + gurthalak weapon, you'd want 18-19%+ hit rating while still having even more critt, before TG fury gets viable again.

Once people start to get the higher ilvl items though, TG will shine again. It simply scales that strongly with gear.
Charge, Rend, Thunderclap, Recklessness, Trinket, Blood Fury, BLADESTORM!
04/01/2012 12:13Posted by Cathlyn
Charge, Rend, Thunderclap, Recklessness, Trinket, Blood Fury, BLADESTORM!

Erm and your point is?
Arms is better, because of hit cap + CS more times.
I'm going to go with... Spork
Bleeds and throw down and for sure hits
Haha if you think I am clueless because I "ask" for specific reasons why Arms deal more damage than Fury and you call me clueless? You don't even have any arguements to come up with. And besides if you think I am clueless and want's to get rid of people like me from the forums I really don't know why you are even posting at my thread. I was looking for some mathematical reasons as I said and btw fury scales better with gear and if you think otherwise I think you should reconsider who is clueless or not. Ofc I could bm you with irrelevant arguements such as you do, but fortunately I am above that.
Accually Arms feels a bit higher mostly because DS has more AoE fights, especially on Heroic modes, to be fair the difference between Arms and Fury is minimal. Fury has better burst while Arms is more of a long term spec (unless you go RECKLESSNESSBLADESTORM! ON 10 MOBS!) but I would not say that either is bad.

Go with whatever you feel is best, what suit you better and what kind of content you're currently working on.

Pure Single Target Fury would probably still outprefor Arms, but not by much.
03/01/2012 12:53Posted by Mogtaur
they were forced to nerf this spec as some PvPer cry babies were whining about how Fury does to much damage.

I'm going to pretend I didn't read this. The amount that PvP is influenced by PvE changes is unreal. If you played PvP you'd realise that. And yes, I do PvE before you !@#$% about that, and I just hope to god the HC modes provide some kind of challenge.

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