Something Epic 25hc 6/8HC LF Resto Shaman/Druid

About Something Epic:
Who and what is Something Epic?
Something Epic is a Horde endgame 25 man raiding guild founded on the 15th of february 2010 by long time Shattered Halls players. Something Epic quickly rose to power establishing a rock solid 25 man raiding group to challenge the top guilds and eventually surpassed them on progress during Icecrown Citadel days. The guild was scattered shortly before Cataclysm which turned out to be to everyone's regret. After much consideration, Something Epic was re-established on the 26th of june 2011. What? Did you think we were gone forever?

We're a active social semi hardcore guild that is focused solely on progressing through content and a credible rival to the current top Horde guilds. With that in mind we are taking a fairly ruthless approach to raiding. During progress we will be raiding 4 days a week with this eventually settling down. Raids will be conducted from 20:00 - 23:00 server time from monday to thursday. (Both days included) Weekends are offdays or lol 10man days

We strive to only have the best, and that's what we want, and thus, you should be one of the best. The members of this guild have had enough of messing around churning through various different members. We are aiming at a close group of raiders who can progress and have a good time doing it.

Something Epic doesn't exist for the epics, and most certainly not so people can use the guild to get them. We're using loot council to distribute loot in raids which means it's discussed among the officers who should receive the loot for the biggest benefit of the guild.

You are expected to be able to join raids a lot and be able to raid with us straight away so your current gear should reflect that. This means, your activity and raid attendance should be higher than 95% of the raids we plan. We only want people we can rely on. If we can't rely on your activity, we won't have any use for you because then we would have to recruit some other person to play with us while you are gone.

We use vent 3.0 to communicate during raids. This is not an english test, but you need to be able to communicate with the raid. It also means that you should already have a microphone (and the guts to use it).

Using the forums is a necessity. You have to be able to inform us if you aren't able to make it to the raid (especially for a longer period of time). "Not really caring" and only showing up when you feel like it, is a quick way to get kicked. We also do not want any people who tend to go AFK all the time. You may wish to go afk sometimes but you need to inform the raid leader.

You must sign up before you will be allowed to make an application.

If you can't apply to this, we would suggest you not to make an application, to save yours and our time.

Before you join
We want to know that you meet our requirements, but we also want to make sure you're going to fit in. For this reason we follow a standard "template" for applications to provide a guide to applicants as to what information they should make sure to include in their form. However any additional information that you think it may be relevant is welcome. People who take the time and put effort to post an intelligent and well thought out application are those who are taken seriously.

We value friendly and mature people who are prepared to offer their loyalty to Something Epic and become part of its family so we can all have fun together. Something Epic is a high-end guild of 35 members (rounded) and thus considers only exceptional players of high activity. Please save yourself and us the trouble and only apply if you're serious about raiding.

Cataclysm Progress:

BoT/BwD/TofT HC - 12/13HC (realm first sinestra)
Firelands HC - 6/7HC
Dragon Soul HC - 6/8 HC

What can you expect from Something Epic

- Great Experianced People with Endgame Raiding
- Alot of fun while progressing
- Alt Runs also

What is Something Epic Looking For:

Ofcourse we have a few basic rules Raiders will have to obey:

- A high Attendance
- Ventrilo and a working microphone.
- Stable Connection is a must
- Enjoy the game with us.

When does Something Epic do PewPew Raiding:

Raiding Schedule:

* Wednesday: 19.30 - 23.00
* Thursday: 19.30 - 23.00
* Monday: 19.30 - 23.00
* Thuesday 19.30 - 23.00 (if we feel it's needed)
Friday's and Sathurday's are used for alt runs.

Something Epic is Looking for:

Any excpetional players
And ofcourse ANY exceptional players will be looked at. So if you think you are better then our current roster you can always apply to classes were not really looking for.

If you think that you got what it takes to be Something Epic; Make an Application on our forum
Regards SE Guilds
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still looking for new members :)
Hunters, Holy paladins, resto shaman, warrior or druid tank and all exceptional players
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Edit recruit post:

2/3 Healers:
- Holy Paladin
- Resto Shaman
- Resto druid

1/2 Dps:
- Hunter (any spec)
- Warrior arms
- Frost DK


- enh shaman
- Hunter (any spec)
- Warrior (any spec)
- Frost Dk
- Druid cat dps

druid cat dps is that thing even exist?!
bump! need moar cats !
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