Are Addons Allowed?

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So i've thought alot about this. are addons allowed or not?
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Yes they are allowed. Providing they are addons and not third party applications that run alongside wow, they are perfectly fine.

(i.e. etc are all good)
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Greetings Flabb,

As Shammoz has already explained, while we don’t specifically support or recommend the use of in-game add-ons (in fact, when it comes to reducing in-game issues and UI related corruption, I’d almost actively recommend against them!), there’s certainly nothing wrong with making use of legitimate add-ons to enhance your gameplay if you so choose.

Any add-ons are obviously downloaded and used in-game at your own risk, but if you ensure you’re using well respected sites and keep them up to date then you should hopefully only ever experience disruption or issues following on from major content patches or similar (and you should be prepared to potentially remove or disable them at such times!). :)

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