Combat/sub rogue 395ilv 1/8 ds hc lf 25 guild

Looking for Players – PvE
Posting from an alt for the obvious reasons.
Im looking for a new guild horde side with transferring being no problem. Although i would prefer a pvp server but thats not mandatory. Im looking for a long established 25 or 10 man guild with long history and no fear of disbading cause of external issues or new mmos like swtor. A guild that has the same progress as me atm and spends only 3 raiding days. The days im ok with raiding are sunday-monday- wendsday and friday.
A little bit about me. I started wow 3 months after the launch and spended all vanillla as a healer priest. I rerolled on my rogue at start of tbc and iv been steady on my class up today.
Since tbc and wrath achievs dont count today any more ill link my progress in cata so far.
T12>6/7HC (shannox and ryolith pre nerf)
T13>8/8 normal and 1/8hc so far
Im at 266/333 gems on my legendary weapon.
Im a mature (over 30), and dedicated player with no fear of wiping and with constant updating of bosses strategies(im a raid leader and an officer in my current guild), always prepared with consumables and the best enchants no matter if its raid finder normal or hc gear. Money simply isnt a problem.
Well thats it. The rest in my application post

TY for your time reading and happy holidays
Axiom is a mature guild set up half way through WOTLK by ex-hardcore raiders who wanted to start raiding in a relaxed but professional environment.
We're a 25 man horde raiding guild on Chamber of Aspects, we are a casual raid guild with 25-man raids run 3 nights a week, our current progress is 1/8 Heroic T13 content . In T11 content we cleared 8/13 25man heroic bosses and in Tier 12 we achieved 6/7 25man heroic. We have been realm first 25man raiding guild since the start of Cataclysm.

Our raid times are Wednesday, Sunday and Monday from 20.00 till 23.00 server time. We are currently looking for some dedicated DPS to join our raiding team. As we only raid 3 days a week we expect our members to attend the majority of the raids.

Outside of raiding we're a very active guild, doing dungeons etc. and also doing 10man alt raids together on offnights, so there will definitely be room for your alts as well in the guild. We're currently also doing full LFR runs on offnights with the guild to get our members the awesome Tier set bonuses asap to aid us in our heroic progression.

We're a very well organised guild. All our members always show up on time, members of our guild get free flasks/food/enchants/repairs/etc... once they passed their trial.

Feel free to have a look at our website and fill in an application if you are interested.
Hey - I think we've got the guild for you! We're looking for one melee dps to join us.

Here's some of our history:

Guild formed ~1.5years ago - big leveling guild that slowly dominated the server as "the social guild"
Raid team formed in March this year and has been improving ever since, here's what I mean:

T11: 12/12N down on the final night of the patch
T12: 7/7N down in 2months, 6/7HC down post-nerf (shannox+rhyo pre)
T13: 8/8N cleared in 6 hours, 1/8HC in 9 pulls.

We're currently taking a short break from progression over the Christmas/New Year - but will be raring to go again in the first week of January!

For me, gear isn't an issue - the right attitude toward raiding and mentality during progression is what counts -- I actually prefer to recruit people who are starting raiding for the first time, but have very good knowledge of their class, because of our team's roots from a bunch of social levelers.

For more information on the guild as a whole, check out:

We're raiding on Wed/sun/mon from 2000->2300 with up to one hour extension on progression bosses, or if we need to mop up the instance before the reset.
The slot open doesn't require 100% attendance, so should suit your casual schedule but serious raiding pretty well!

We have a slot open for a dps and a rogue would suit it very well, as we currently have no leather agility users in the raidgroup

Come and chat to me on Vanagib, Raiel or Géoff on Mazrigos server for more information if I don't find you first on your server :)

We at Dignitas, over on the Venture Co. server, are looking for another strong DPS.

We are a 25man Horde guild, we've been around and raiding since The Burning Crusade and are a tight knit, friendly and mature guild. We consider ourselves a raiding guild with a good environment and we raid 3 nights per week, from 19.45 to 23.30 CET, on thursdays, sundays and tuesdays.

For a better description of our guild, please visit our recruitment thread:

If you want any questions answered, please go to our forums, or even talk to Holas, Dumbledot, Aenthial, Drugsha, Jacobi or myself ingame. Or add “” on skype, I’d be happy to help.

Good luck in your search for a new home, Epie

I read your post and would really like to hear more about you.

I am the guild leader of <Eminence> a 25-man raiding guild on Dunemaul. You can find more about us here -

We are pushing into the heroic Dragon Soul encounters (currently 1/8 HC) and we are actively seeking experienced and skilled players to strengthen our raid team.

As our members are mainly university students or working professionals we raid a little later than most but our schedule is light, just 3 nights per week;

Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays - 22.00 to 01.00 (Server Time)

If you are even the slightest bit interested then I suggest you head on over to our website
- - and check us out or you can usually find me online on my main Griearth or alt Grumble.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Unique is looking for a new rogue. See for all the info on the guild.

All the best looking for a new guild
ty ill surely check it out


We do have a rogue spot for further progress, atn working on spine hc.

Progress: FL 25 HC 7/7 and DS 25 HC 6/8
Hey there!

Excilum on Jaedenar server is kinda a newly formed raiding guild, which takes things seriously.
And we are currently looking for exceptional players to join our team, we're doing 10 man for now, but now recruiting for 25 man due to that we wanted to go that far. In between our raids, we're not just being serious, we also having alot of fun. Alot of good atmosphere in the guild, which also are needed ofc.

What we expect from you :
* You are a reliable person
* You attend atleast 2 raids per week
* Age limit needs to be 16
* Be prepared for every raid with flasks/food/pots etc, also reading upon tacts
* Don't scream on vent if someone do anything wrong, 'cause everyone can do terrible mistakes. So please avoid it.

What you can expect from us:
* We have a very good atmosphere in our guild
* Hopefully we will provide flasks/ food very soon
* Prepared and all, with tactics etc.
* And a good sense of humor.
* We will also use loot council

We currently have 8/8 normal ds and 1/8 heroic. Should be downing 2 more heroic bosses upcoming sunday.

Earlier progress:
Firelands : 5/7 heroic (after nerf, aprox 2-3 weeks after guild was founded)

We raid Monday, sunday and tuesdays from 20.00-23.00 server time.
Guildsite : and make an apply if you are interested
Feel free to add me on RealID,

We are also doing alt runs as well, outside our main runs

Currently looking for:
Paladin: low (hpalla needed)
Shaman: medium (resto shaman + ele shaman needed)
Rogue: low
Hunter: low
Warrior: medium (especially need warrior dps)
Mage: medium
Warlock: high
Priest: high
Death Knight: high
Druid: medium (boomkin and feral tank needed)

Raid attendance is expected to be an average of 2 raids per week

Also, you can talk in-game with me (Arethoteles), Suushy, Ataraxy, Clearfrag or Alzirya on Jaedenar EU. Or you can jump on vent sometime to have a chat

Best regards,
Hi Flame of Neltharion is a 25m HC progression guild!

T11: 9/13 hc. Alakir, Chogall, and Neferian down.
T12: 6/7 HC with realms 2nd Glory of the Firelands raider.
T13: 5/8 HC!

Raids: wed, thur, sun 18.55 to 23.00.
Rated Battlegrounds: mon+fri 20.00

We take pride in having the best social envioment youll ever find !

More info: (not updated)

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