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Hi, im leveling my warlock atm and just got soul swap. I would like to make a macro that makes using it easier.

I thought making 2 macros:

#showtooltip unstable affliction
/cast unstable affliction

#showtooltip soul swap
/castsequence [target=focus] soul swap, [target=target] soul swap

Now, the idea behind this is that whenever I use unstable affliction, I also throw in the other dots and that target becomes focused. Then I change target and (this is the part that wont work and I need help) click twice the soul swap -macro. At first click it casts soul swap at the focused target and on second click it casts it at my current target. But atm that doesnt work, can anyone help me with this? Is it possible to make that kind of macro?

Also, is it possible to hide that focus-window in game. I dont really need it with this kind of stuff :)
I believe castsequence can not include modifiers in a sequence, but you can bind spells to modifiers. Also, just for one spell you don't need castsequence. Change the second macro to the following:

/cast [mod:shift,@focus][] Soul Swap

This way you need to press shift + keybind for casting soul swap on focus and press the keybind again to release the swap on your target.

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