sending heirlooms across servers??

as the title says i have heard that sending looms across servers is somthing that blizz are looking into anyone have any idea if this is realy in the pipeline? pre thanks all lol
They said they want to but they can't
Take a look at the post we made back in October :)
No they don't do it now and if you had searched you would have found this out, the plans are very very very very very very vague.

Edit: they say we might do it but we don't even know if we can.
It is all very well link posts from October but we are now in Januar 2012y, and on top of that its not as if October 2011 was the first time this was an issue, this has been a known concern for years and repeated request by your customers for years.

Is it unfair after 3 months your customers as singles or multiples would like an update where we are with this? At the end of the day its very simple to explain how it cannot work but you would really like it too, what would be nice is explain to your customer singles or multiples the solutions you have worked / working on to make this happen after years of repeated requests?

Not that unfair to expect a solution as opposed to a problem response, or a link to a 3 month old post :)

Enjoy the rest of the day!
^Dear nightelf!

Its probably because its not really blizzards top concern at the moment, the game is full of bugs as it is without adding more things that are likely to go wrong, So perhaps it will come soon, but it is not their main objective!
Dear Gnome

unfortunately every single person who has an heirloom would like to be able to use it account wide, they have been wanting to do this for years, yet we are still no closer to receiving what we as a customer base require.

A customer base (us) goes to a supplier with a request (blizz) to ease the use of their product we buy, and to ensure we continue to use them as a supplier, supplier then formulates solutions to the request, not responses how it is or isn't possible, they just do it, surely this is common practice throughout the whole business world?

you have mentioned this not the top concern "at the momment" but the momment has been for years, this has not "just" been bought up.

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