shadowcraft vs Mr robot?

what do you guys use ? if i use shadowcraft it tells me to reforge into xpertise (assassanation spec) were as mr robot tells me to reforge it away ? what do you guys think i shud go with?
Neither ^^
shadowcraft ofcourse, and its not that odd it suggest you to get expertise.

expertise is worth more then crit.
the funny thing is , if i go with shadowcraft it reforges some of my gear to xpertise, but when i do what it says, then i click auto reforge again it reforges xpert away im baffelled with it
click auto reforge till there's 0 dps gain, it's how it works
thats what im saying it keeps reforging to xpert, then reforge it away then reforge to xpert etc
it use to be , i click auto reforge then if i done it again after it would say finished optimizing with nothing to change but now its changing back n forth with no gain
the stats in shadowcraft haven't been normalize yet but, expertise is now equal to your haste EP value since of the legendary daggers. if you need more info read the first post since it been updated with it.
Shadowcraft is a bit bugged with the legendary daggers (any stage).
Try it with normal daggers.

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