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Hello there.

So, i have a question. If i get a second account and recruit it, which i've heard i can.
Then when i upgrade the trial...Does that mean i must instal Wow twice, or what do i do with Wow and all the expansions?
You would have to purchase the expansions to upgrade your second account aswell if you want to play higher than level 70, yes.

You do not have to "install" a second copy of the game on your PC, though.
You simply add the keys to your new account and it should be upgraded. You can do whatever you want with the CDs though, I threw mine out of the balcony. :)
yes, you can recruit your second account and start right away.
You don't have to buy any game,
but then your second account will be a trial account.
14/01/2012 23:10Posted by Baculathus
And is it possible to start the recruitment without the expansions?

Yes, you simply send the invite, create an account, and then upgrade it to standard World of Warcraft and you are done - you do have to upgrade your account to standard World of Warcraft to purchase game time so you gain the recruit a friend rewards.

The Recruit a Friend link lasts 90 days so if you want to play a month or two without any expansions that will be fine - but you will not be able to level higher than 70, nor will you be able to use any WotLK or Cataclysm features. :)

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Hello again Baculathus,

I’m really pleased to see that a couple of our helpful regulars have hopefully already been able to answer most of your additional queries regarding the Recruit-a-Friend scheme and how best to go about setting it up for yourself.

As has been explained, there are plenty of possible options when it comes to when and how to upgrade any second account you might set up, and you can even do it directly through (with a slight discount for purchasing all the expansions at the same time).

Best of luck with it all, anyhow, and if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to ask (and you can even use one of your previous threads again, if the question’s related to the original subject matter). :)

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