Prot Warrior LF Raiding Guild

I'm on the market for a new raiding guild as my current one has had issues with members not showing and being unreliable to the point where the guild finds it hard to get 10 people online at once. While I have enjoyed my time, it has gotten to the point where it's not fun anymore to just cancel night after night of raiding because people decide to not show up without a moments notice.

- Currently my DS progression is only 6/8 normal due to guild issues and Christmas, I am however fully aware of what to do for the last two bosses and the first HC bosses.
- I'm primarily LF a general raiding guild that simply raids regularly and has an active player base to socialise and play with.
- I am available all evenings for raiding.
- My main spec is Prot, with an item level of 386 and I also have a Fury offspec with 378 item level. I am happy to off tank and have been doing so in my guild.
- I am English, so the guild needs to be English speaking.
- I am able to speak on Vent/Mumble/Skype

If there are any further questions please ask.

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