gatherer enchant suggestion

Make it so this enchant does not overwrite any existing or future "dps" enchants on gloves and doesnt get overwritten by any dps enchant, so the gloves can have both. I accidently deleted my gatherer gloves on my hunter, I have no idea why you are expected to carry around two sets of gloves, its not practical.
you want gloves to ahve 2 enchants ?.

or as i read it you dont want to be able to change an enchant on gloves after its been enchanted.

what if someone changes specs and need to change an enchant ?

Get a new set of gloves, and put gatherer on them, they don't need to be fantastic, just swap them when you gather, and then only when you need that extra 5 points.

My lvl 85 hunter carries a pair of lvl 15 gloves with the enchant on. As she has herb and mining maxed, there is only one place I can think of that needs the enchant, and then she only gets minor stuff.
Low level gloves.
Put them in the back with all the other stuff you carry around all the time (potions, heartstone etc.)
Put them in the middle of the stuff so you don't accidentally sell them again.

Problem solved.
I agree with you Slightly @Zvonko, but that system would be abused ...

IMO a system like this would work: Allow a profession Enchant that gets Locked and CANNOT be changed but then allow the other to be changed E.g. Gatherer is put on (Which gets LOCKED) and then your put +50 Mastery, but your lock needs more haste sop you Change to +50 Haste on your Gloves.

Being a miner and also a herbalist i think this would be useful, The only thing is if you have 525 mining what's the need for the extra 15 skill points? Its good if your levelling up your skill but at 525 its pointless.
If you got skinning, you need the extra points to skin big dragons and things in instances n stuff. So you need to carry junk gloves with this enchant around, wich ofc. every now and then gets sold to vendors when you sell useless stuff in your inv.
And you can whitelist that glove ( if you're using some add-on ) or you can find a new glove that not a grey.

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