My top 10 reasons to quit wow

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Let me start by saying im not quitting WoW, i am just skipping this new expansion,which i am sure is full of great content,
BUT why would i play a piss easy game for 2 years. after all i just did it with with cata
when i can leave it all to the last month before the next expansion, log on level all of my 13 level 85s to 90 join LFR and complete ALL the content in a few weeks, this saves all the standing about waiting in queues, when i can enjoy playing xbox and playstation games instead,

i started WoW at the end of vanilla, and then we had to do the quests, we needed to log play time to level, it was a great laugh, guilds socialised we helped each other, we even told our friends about it, we posted LOADS of content on the internet , we ADVERTISED how great WoW was to play, and millions more joined.the same thing happened in TBC,
sure u needed to farm rep for keys and all the guilds participated and enjoyed doing it, every guild chat was full of banter and people helping each other, real friendships were formed, those friendships carried most raiding guilds through WoTlk

then the playstation clans joined and moaned about how long it took, how hard it was, they didnt like guilds full of people that talked to each other, they didnt like commitment to a single game, they didnt want to play for long times to accomplish anything,they just wanted to tell there mates how easy they could complete WoW, so they moaned the loudest on the forums they petitioned GMs constantly, and guess what blizzard actually listened to them

CATA was actually a good expansion plent of content but too many raids at the start, staging the raids through the expansion rather than at the start would have helped a lot,
unfortunately as all regular guild members would have noticed the guild levelling system and gold rewards actually destroyed the guilds, casuals joined and flamed guild chat, everyone stopped talking , after all when u ask a question in a guild with 200 members online and you either get ignored or flamed, then you soon learn to stop talking , (much the same as in these forums)
LFR didnt help one bit sure it helped low game time casuals a chance to see end content but it also destroyed core raiding for more serious players, epic items should never have been included in LFR groups max blue items yes but NOT epics not in any raid or the item level difference should have been the same as normal dungeons considering every boss fight in LFR is tank and spank, and all tactics can be ignored totally, some 5 man dungeon bosses were harder to do than 10 man LFR bosses, and because of this bored guild members just ran the LFR and got themselves locked out which should never have happened tbh , but there was little difference in loot so why bother. which i didnt i gave up raiding totally in cata, because it was no fun any more at all

anyway i will be back maybe end of next year to see if blizz has changed anything , given us our talents back, given guilds more support, or made guild raiding the ONLY way to get good gear, stopped pple just standing about in queues to level there toons, and actually made it feel like a game again,

because lets face it its not a game anymore, its just a faceroll, completing 100 levels of pacman or lemmings would be more interesting and challenging than playing WoW at the present time does blizz realise it took less than a week to level a toon 80 to 85 get full epics and complete deathwing and every other raid in cata if u came back to the game in 2012, and before the flamers that cannot read start I did not do it but my nephew did after a year break due to uni placement, personally i never go back to complete raids after nerfs im not interested in achievements

and it is childish not so much the pandas and pokemon but those combined with the nerfs. how easy it is to level, how all your spells are highlighted for you to cast, quests made easier which was pointless considering very few level using quests and loss of how you can customise and utilise your talents, yes there was cookie cutter specs with variances but you could always try it your own way to suit your own game play, to try and improve on it, after all it was not blizz that produced those specs it was good players, blizz actually had to nerf specs and classes, because the really good players got a lot more out of there toons than blizz intended them to get based on there own calculations

anyways laters all and to the flamers ill quit if i want your comments are pathetic and flamers should be banned from forums they just reinforce how childish and newbie based the game is at the moment,

P,S anyone reccomend some decent playstation Xbox games i havent played any in 6 years i,ve played WOW
Captain Necro Strikes again.
16/11/2012 10:35Posted by Zoliaxiel
Captain Necro Strikes again.

great one indeed
People just don't get how much people DON'T care if they quit...It really puzzles me.
16/11/2012 12:24Posted by Runesorrow
People just don't get how much people DON'T care if they quit...It really puzzles me

It's the facebook generation...
Like they feel the world gasps when they report they just put some oven chips on....

Actually we couldn't give a toss
I absolutely agree the game is too easy. It's so easy, it feels broken, and I mean that literally: food, potions, first aid are all completely pointless when leveling, to the point where you're just wasting time on them instead of running instances. Nothing seems to matter anymore besides getting to lvl90 and then grinding whatever it is you want. There's no incentive to get attached to any place or questline because they're too easy and are just stepping stones to lvl90. You don't even need to read the text, you just go to where the pointer is.

My solution would be to make the game both more challenging and faster to level through, for those who want it. Make it so that you can quest in higher level areas, balance it to provide a decent challenge and increase EXP rewards for those quests. Have epic questlines with really challenging bosses and rewards that will still be useful 5 levels down the road. Also have a hard dungeon mode, like heroics, while leveling. Really, the game would be so much better if they just put more focus on making the pve epic and satisfying rather than trivial and tedious.
16/11/2012 14:10Posted by Higgit
People just don't get how much people DON'T care if they quit...It really puzzles me

It's the facebook generation...
Like they feel the world gasps when they report they just put some oven chips on....

Actually we couldn't give a toss

Why necro
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