Boots of Displacement

Hello there! Not *exactly* sure where i should post this, but i have a question.

I'd like to ask if the item 'boots of displacement' to be added in the game as a 'skin' for transmog. As an avid collector myself, i wasn't able to grasp a pair of these as i were playing paladin back when these were aquirable. is the link for the boots.

I only ask this as i've decided to -try- and get all the pieces which matched vancleef's set. Those of you who aren't sure who he is, he is the 'old' last boss in Deadmines before cookie was the last boss. He was Vanessa Vancleef's father and he masqueraded around in a set of stormshroud gear. Unfortunatly, i have been unable to find a matching pair, or even a pair of boots which 'slightly' resembles the colour/look of the stormshroud set.
Thank you for posting.
I believe your post belongs in the section "general".
But a blue poster will redirect this thread when he/she reads it :).
I have the boots, have a look at my armoury page
i think all the vancleef fanboys/girls would love that, same with the old icebane tbh
Futile request really, as there are so many items that have disappeared that if they added one, popular demand would be all over others. Might aswell ask for every item that was once available to be available again, either as an item or a skin.
Hmm, the necro is strong in this one.

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