Suggestion: Consider moving features to other Capitals?

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Here here, I remember when the only AH on alliance side was in Ironforge (lagforge as it was known back then :P) so it used to be a very crowded /chatty place, esp on the AH bridge + bank. Now there is barely anything there.
Great that you guys are so supportive! We are working hard to make this happen. It's gonna be ace hanging around in IF again! If eventual blizzard posts are mailed to me, I'll post them here and let you all know! Keep rating and supporting! We're gonna populate IF again <3! Thank you!

16/01/2012 17:35Posted by Jakemir
Here here, I remember when the only AH on alliance side was in Ironforge (lagforge as it was known back then :P) so it used to be a very crowded /chatty place, esp on the AH bridge + bank. Now there is barely anything there.

Yeah of course we want all the features to stay in Stormwind aswell, but people should have a choice of where to be.

hey, ya know what would make me want to visit other capitals more? portals, how about making a portal from org to silvermoon? i dont want to wait for the zeppelin, go to undercity, fly to brill and take there the zepelin just to visit a dead city
Not to burst the OP's bubble, but this is just a feedback forum, you won't know anything more about the idea from here for a long time.
Im trying to get in contact with the devs :) And nonetheless, this post will undoubtly be seen by a dev, so it's worth a shot
Thunder bluff is best :D and silvermoon :D
I would love to be in darnassus again!

Such a beautiful place. Sucky that its deserted, doesnt appeal so much to me right now but i'll definitly go to darnassus if everything was available there.
Sticky requested. I would really likely to Faction Change back into Alliance, if we could get our IF back. IF bridge-afking.. :) It makes me sad to see IF so empty nowdays. Not to mention about Thunder Bluff..
100% aggre with OP......miss undercity and silvermoon from horde and IF from alliance
If Gilneas City will become a capital or Gnomeregan.
I MISS DALARAN!!!!! /cry
signed :)
Uuh you again ;). Did you get any followers when you spammed trade chatt for free portals to ironforge?
Agreed, I dislike shoehorning people into a single city simply because thats the only place they have things.

Spread out your vendors, your trainers and your other useful things, have a reforger in Orgimmar and Silvermoon, but not in Undercity and Thunderbluff, have the different dailys in each city, so you may have to go to Ironforge on Monday and Darnassus on Thursday (obviously random so it's not every day of the week in a rotation.)

It would give more life to the other cities as well as vastly helping lag in Orgrimmar and Stormwind which I admit is terrible, even worse now they have Flying Mounts.
Also removing flying mounts from cities would help with both server lag and it would especially make the cities feel much more full, even if there were actually less people in it.
(I'm sorry but 20 proto-drakes sitting on top of the mailbox is plain annoying)
100% behind this, i would love to be able to stay in Darnasus and i dont see any reason why this would be a problem as long as there are portals to the other city,s for trade etc.
I believe my blood elf female mage in sexy outfit belongs in Silvermoon and not in Ogrimar with all those orcs constantly staring at it , but there you can`t even fly . Also this warlock grew up with elves so Darnasus is my home but i rarely visit ...
Please revive the other capitals .
Yeah Showz, infact I did! Had around 35 people who came along, on those 20 minutes I was giving them out for free! Seems people are really behind this and we will keep going till it happens!
What i would like to see ,is portals between all cities. atleast all Azeroth ones.
I know that would destroy MAge's buisness.
But the point is ,other nice cities apart from SW and Orgri ,are basicaly dead. Wich is sad.

now and then you see some lone wolf ,level 10-20 runing around ,because of leveling. and that's about it.

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