Soo, DMC:V or LFR version of Insignia of Corrupted Mind?

Volcano for all three specs. Source:

However there's at least one more guy who ranked all the trinkets, and his results are slightly different:
Simulation craft only rates the proc from the trinket / the use effect.
Yeah just noticed that all the profiles in those simcraft links have the exact same stats. The mmo link should be accurate then.

Learn something new every day :p
a little bump, need more opinions :)
PvP guy here, but the Locks on my Rogue's raid team are loyal to Darkmoon Card: Volcano.
Totally depends on your spec. If the reforging opportunities of DMC is what brings you to another haste threshold as destro, go for DMC or if the haste proc is benefical, go for Insignia. However my personal opinion is DMC. 359 and we still match it with 397 items. Follow your heart lol
Well, I am destruction. I have about 2.9k haste with DMC:V. So I dont reach a new immolate tick.
Follow your heart lol

Except you blindly follow what you read in your wow bible.

Even more ironic that you claim to have an opinion.
Gannet, stay on topic please.

HCoC- 3579
HWoU- 3437
HICM- 3409
CoC- 3173
ICM- 3076
WoU- 3064
HVPL- 3060
CoC(LFR)- 2808
ICM(LFR)- 2800
WoU(LFR)- 2730
VPL- 2718
DMC:V- 2421
FGDL- 2252
BW- 2181
RoZ- 2122

I'd say go with ICM, that guide has shown itself to be pretty good.
17/01/2012 12:36Posted by Wemox
Gannet, stay on topic please.

ICM then

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