Transmogrifier and Legendary weapons


I was just wondering why is it that we cant use Transmogrifier for Legendary weapons.

I obtained "Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros" back in classic wow, and I would really love to use it for Transmogrifier.
Not only do I find the looks of it most appealing (.. shiniest thing ever:>) but it is an item that I obtained with great effort, both mine and of my friends, over 40 of them, in a year long journey, and as many of them no longer play the game this weapon serves as a reminder of them and the good time we had.

It just upsets me that I cant actually use the weapon for anything practical at the moment, when the mechanics are actually inplace.

And so I ask why? Why can't I?
it would mean a lot for me to know.

The goal of this post is to hear from Blizzard there reason on the restriction in place right now, not to actually alter\change it.
However if that should actually happen, great.
Says you got your Sulfuras in 10/2008. That's not classic.

Pants = On Fire

Reason as to why they don't want to allow it;

They don't want Org/SW to be filled with Thunderfury's and Shadowmournes.

They said that they plan to lift some restrictions as time passes. I for one want them to put a restriction on mogging legendary's like they did with the old PVP gear. Got it when it was relevant? You can mog it. Got it after it was faceroll? You can't.
the achievment system went live in 2008 with wotlk.. thats the FoS aswell, hence it kind of cant be earlier. look at other fos he has for proof on that, tabard of the protector from dark portal event at start of tbc is there, on 2008, on same day as hi's sulfuras. check your facts first captfz
Says you got your Sulfuras in 10/2008. That's not classic.

Pants = On Fire

Wrong. Achievements were launched with patch 3.0.2 which was released on.... you guessed it, 14th October 2008. So any you'd earnt before that would all say 10/2008

Want some water for your pants?
Why would I want water for my pants? How about something like "Eyes = Need Glasses" or "Brain = LFR" would be much funnier. Missed opportunity if you ask me.
Also, OP just do some Raggy runs, the weapon looks better than the original anyway.
18/01/2012 07:51Posted by Captfz
Why would I want water for my pants?

18/01/2012 07:25Posted by Captfz
Pants = On Fire
Yes Tauzy boy, how does that make sense?
Pants on Fire is a metaphorical statement meaning that you have been caught lying.

The OP's story checks out as he had the achievement on the day the system went live.

Someone clonk their heads together please.

No, you can't transmog legendaries, but maybe in the future.
why not let Legendray weapon earn lvl and exp in there own pace that way it wont just be in bank slot collect dust. LOTRO have system for there legendary weapon where the can lvl up by themself.

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