Need a bit of advice with gear.

So I got Gloves of Liquid Smoke recently as well as Mosswrought Shoulderguards and I have my tier shoulders but only 384 raid finder level.
I just wanted to get an opinion, obviously I want to keep the gloves equipped but is it worth losing the stats from shoulders to keep my 4set bonus or using the raid finder shoulders to keep my 4set. I really can't decide. I'm thinking, as destruction a big no, but still wondering.

thanks in advance :)
As destruction you should keep the 4p set bonus.
Demonology? It's not that important really. Just make sure you have the 2 set bonus as Demo.
You should use Gloves of Liquid Smoke and Mosswrought Shoulderguards due to the high intellect gain you will get from solely equipping them.
Calculate the intellect difference, go for the higher way, do not give upon the 4 set bonus.
How embarrasing, I forgot how the 4p set bonus worked...

Yes, use it for both specs. You will only get the soul shard back from using soul fire, and you don't use Soul fire as Demonology. Only when Decimation is up.

If you have MWC then it will fit nicely with that 4p set bonus. 10% hit + 1600 mastery is lovely, it truly is.
But on the other hand, the 10% SP buff only lasts for 10 seconds. Changing pets and putting immolate aura on + shadowflame takes a few seconds due to all 3 being Global cooldowns.

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