Roleplayers, come to Moonglade! We need you!

Hello RolePlaying community of Azeroth,

I hereby ask roleplayers to please come to Moonglade!

We have a great RP realm with still quite some RP'ers and great RP! But unfortunatly there's more and more non-RP'ers coming to Moonglade and we're afraid they might "overrun" us.
Therefor I ask, no, I beg you, come to Moonglade, help us build up RP on our realm again!

We have some very nice RP guilds. We can just use more RP'ers on our realm.
Now you might think, well, that doesn't sound nice, I'm not going there, but if all think that, we'll never get RP'ers, so join us!
hm, I already have 2 night elfs on moonglade, maybe I should go back to level them and start RPing there for a while to support you guys.
It is a shame alot of the smaller RP realms are going through this and needing to have posts like this. Ultimately they cant all survive I feel. On the plus side DB seems to have turned the corner and is moving forward.
Instead of "begging" as you even put it, to get people to move to your server. (That for sure doesn't help)
Then maybe write a new thread where you focus on WHY people should choose your realm above others. Focus on the positivies and keep the negatives low.

If you plan to get people to join your realm via the forum at least, you need to be able to "sell the idea" of why I or any other should move there. Asking/begging just isn't enough on that account.

As far as I've seen other "smaller" servers have been advertising slightly for their server, (Rather than the guilds) on these forums before and still are.
The prominent issue that plagues the majority of role-playing realms is in-house (I.E. we the guild role-play with we the guild) and elitist role-playing. Moonglade is one of the worst in this regard in my personal experience.

The first two weeks of my return to World of Warcraft I've tried to get back in to role-playing on Moonglade, the best role-play experience I've gotten was someone trying to sell me a lap-dance. Certainly to an extend that's caused by the large gap in the role-player to none role-player ratio... but no, not entirely.

That's not to say that Moonglade is a bad realm, but there's a lot that can be improved upon. For starters the mentality that every player on the realm is a professional role-player should be banished from every current role-players mind that has it.

I might give it another go tonight, since my playing partner will be stuck in a meeting.

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