Blade edge Knights recruitment

Hey everyone, just like to put out a guild recruit for the Blade edge knights guild....

We are a community networking guild on multiple games and wow realms, but thats not what im here to cover lol

Firstly the Blade edge knights *beks for short* we are a social community networking guild and welcome onbord any player that wants to be involved with a social community.

We raid 3 nights a week *wednesday* *Sunday* and *Tuesday*... starting at around 21:00 realm time and usually finished by 00:00 realm time. we dont like to push members into attending and we really dislike people who are all GO GO GO GO all the time.
We are casual so when we raid we like to do one boss per raid booking so the players attending dont get all mind funked by remembering 100s of tactics, so its simply study one boss and then go and give it a smack (its ideal not to blow your mind and temper lol).

We are also taking on one evning for 25 man raiding, this has not been confirmed a night yet but will also be starting same time 21:00 realm time (negotioable as a guild), so we are hoping to get some 25 man raid bosses done.

Secondly every monday is the guilds PVp booked event for rated bgs, the pvp leaders are fun and not to pushy so if you die and loose its no big deal. just try your best and have fun.

Thirdly we dont just raid level 85 we do ALL contents as a guild so we do Level 60, Level 70, and Level 80 too! this way others that do not have wrath and cata can also get involved and also gain some sexy looking gear.

The guild is a PG guild so we do welcome familys and singles but we do have rules... especially on behaviour and being inappropriate.... its simple 3 warnings and if continued its a KICK out the guild door.... due to younger players we also have a guild watershed on language which is around 11:00 pm GMT (thats 00:00 realm time) to around 5:30 am realm time to cover all the guild members across this servers time spans.

After reading this if you think this guild is one you want to concider, Please feel free to whisper any member online in game.... OR ingame mail myself.

If the guild is not for you.. Oh well good luck in game and may our paths cross for some fun gaming and light banter :)

take care all

Duid x
i'll join if you're female irl
Dont think you could handle our duid Ishredurface ;) shes a hot one
he he thanx marl ;) luv you too hun.

But this is divulging the guild add :(

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