Need a mage name

I've never managed to keyboard bash a date stamp, lol. And stop pressing numbers, aim your face better :P
i quite like going after either Astronomy names, or Explorer names, then just add things too them.

E.g. Galileo, Andromeder, Radon (Tekken)

Hence I considered things like Arcana and such. But haven't found something satisfying / available yet :p

24/01/2012 13:47Posted by Cinondra
I've never managed to keyboard bash a date stamp, lol.

Believe me I have no idea how I managed that, I don't even know the keycombination :P
And stop pressing numbers, aim your face better :P


rftgi8 ybh

9v cw34r

de vct

m nbv


Still finding results painfully unsatisfying :P Maybe my face is just wrong.
You're supposed to work with the results... not expect your face to generate an awesome name. Trade secret: I use my hands, not my face.
hmm i have a few


erm thats all i can come upwith atm
- Lancina
- Niella
- Frosty
- Missfreeze
- Articia

Best I can come up with at least.
DarkBurner for 1k exp max
Shadowkiller for 1,5k exp max
Lancetronic for 2.8k exp min
31/08/2015 00:56Posted by Kubràt

*Slap* Don't necro 3 year old threads!
Choosing my mage's name was a spur-of-the-moment. I like it.

I wonder if other, later created Sandalfs were inspired by me or something. This character remembers TBC :P

Lately, I chose names for alts I'm not gonna play - I just looked at name lists and was trying to find one that sounds cool and had not been taken.
Or.... Gandalf was taken?

Edit: Just took a look cuz i was bored, there are more Sandalfs then Gandalfs :p
I used this for my new name:

Buy Bye IslaMP... hello Exris :)
31/08/2015 00:56Posted by Kubràt

Why Khan Kubrat,why would you do that?
influence of alcohol may or may not have been a part of this name creation.
and the fact i never considered the fact, that this may ever become my main... look how wrong i was in my assumption :/
I have a mage named shutdown, only because shutup is an improper word. Pff,

On a serious note you could check up some song name, bands or book characters that you liked.


Write random letters on your keyboard, a good combination will show up :)
Roll a fire-mage. Keep the song "Great balls of fire" on repeat. Breath constantly and loud because just like fire you need oxygen to survive. Get the tier 17 set and then you'll me a machinegun my friend.

Pewpewpew. That shall be your name.
23/01/2012 13:24Posted by Naeya
So I have been wanting to roll a human female as a mage for a good while now, and the sole reason I haven't begun that process yet is because I am stuck at the name-creation process.

I just cannot think of a name I feel satisfied with. To make matters worse, I have already deleted a high-level mage just because I didn't like her name anymore. That should give an indication of how (retardedly) important it is for me.

So I was wondering if you fine sorcery folks could help me and list some names you would personally deem as good and reasonable names for a human female mage. Actual character names, of course...

I think Cassey is a pretty good name...

Just make sure you pick comet storm as your level 100 Talents xD

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