[H]Punished-Late Night Raiding(10N)-LF ALL

Looking for Players – PvE
Server: Auchindoun (EU)

Raid times: 21-24ST, monday-thursday.

Current progress: DS 8/8 normal, FL 1/7 HC.

What we offer: friendly and mature atmosphere in both /g and voice chat, zero tolerance policy towards annoying kids, no fixed raid lineups. I know that the latter is both a blessing and a curse, but that's how it is - see for yourself if it fits you. If you weren't taken into the raid, you're still allowed to PUG as many bosses as the guild has killed in that given reset. Also, a small warning: since most of has have jobs and families at times there won't be enough people for a raid, sometimes we have extended periods of doing 1-2 raids a week instead of 4 due to several members being busy IRL.

What we expect: you should have a decent knowledge of your class and be willing to improve, under-performing can be excused, but not for long. Despite us not being a hardcore guild we do have quite a few people who know the mechanics of this game in and out, be it tanking, dpsing or healing - so if you're new, we really don't mind showing you the ropes as long as you put some effort into it as well :) Speaking of activity, we would be happy with an average attendance of 2/4 days a week. Attending less than 30% of the raids for a month incurs penalties.

Recruitment priorities:
High: [HEALER] Any class
Medium: Warlock, Rogue, Feral Druid, Retri. Pala, Spriest
Low: Any other class

- even if you don't play the classes which we need the most at the moment but feel that our guild just might be your kind of place, do talk to us.

Social members: generally, we're not taking any social members, that is people who do not intend to raid with us. However friends and family of guild members are an obvious exception to this rule.

If you have any questions either post here or visit our website - http://www.punished-guild.eu . You may also contact us directly in-game, however take into account that most of us are rarely online before 18ST.
Any Shamans that have gotten lost and need a new place to call home? Anyone with ranged pew-pew powah needs a new place?
Up we go.
RDPS (mage, lock, even a hunter) would be great to have and also an healer - shaman preferably (druid will do as well)
Bump for
* RDPS (lock, ele.shaman) - but any other RDPS class is more than welcomed to apply
* healer (resto shaman)
* OT with very decent DPS spec (DK, feral (specced kitty/bear))
8/8 as of last night and moving onto HM next reset.

Still needed:
* OT - DK, (Druid) with very good DPS OS
* Healer - Shaman, (Druid, Paladin)
* RDPS - Mage, Warlock
Bump for healers, off-tank (with very decent DPS spec) and RDPS.
Still looking for an off-tank (DK, Druid), few extra healers (pref. anything but priests, druid), DPS (pref. warlock, shaman(ele.), DK, feral druid)
Still in need of few healers and RDPS.

High: [Healer] Any class
Medium: [Tank, w/ decent DPS OS] DK, Druid, Warrior
Low: Anything else

In serious need for an healer(s). Good if you are a druid, shaman or paladin. But if you are a priest of any sort, you could check us out as well.

Also a second tank is still something we look for. Would be great to always have someone to take along so that the raid won't get cancelled. Since we don't have any DK (of any spec atm as mains in guild), a Death Knight with decent DPS OS would be the best choice. But if you any other tanking class, than can DPS on well even heal. Leave a comment.

For DPS, anything really. Maybe we favor ranged over melee. Also please note, if you are a rogue, then atm we have a rogue who is doing his legendary questline. Just saying to all who should be interesting.

Leave a post or contact me ingame via my realID: bekhkhit@hotmail.com if you are interested.
Still in need of raiders!
Still looking for OT, healer(s) and could use some DPS as well.

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