Rate the transmoset of the warrior above [new one]

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well.. Lower and upper body dont really match. And i dont really like the red shirt under the armor, so 6/10
Always loved that set, and I love how your hair matches your cape [: 9/10!
Really cool one 8/10
With little effort good looking transmo 6/10.
8/10 nice one ;)
8/10 nice eye patch :)
its err unique 5/10 :)
I like ur shoulders and helm but other gears are different :) 4/10
not bad guard omnicide 7/10
I actually really like that set, but i dont got the strenght to recover it :> 9/10
Really messy :|
5/10 just cause Warbringer shoulders look nice on an orc.
Nice touch that head piece with the onsluaght set. Makes it a tad more unique.
That shield is always a beauty, but doesnt fit the set in my eyes. The sword.....

(lol, wearing my leveling/quest tabard)
looks cool except the sword looks abit small :p 8/10
cool graphics but the colors doesn't really match up with the yellow and brown head&shoulders and purple body, and then you have a blue cloak to make it even more unbalanced.. You'll get 5/10 for the effort though :>
I am jelly of the classic sets, wish I could use em. 8/10
S10 2.2k prety decent 6/10
That golden look, I wish I had that, 9.5/10 ^.^ but the belt....

That is some awesome work you have done, putting that set together. Fits perfectly on a dwarf, and with the "of Ironforge" title you look badass!


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