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Argent Dawn
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According to the plotline of the Wallwreckers guild, we are arranging to engage in some RP-PvP combat.
I will explain how it works, and if there is interest, how to join (as guild or individual). There is no IC explanation here, because we want to organize this in-game and in-character, with close to no OOC arrangements. If you're a military guild, and you wouldn't shy away from this sort of RP-PvP, you'll likely want to join.

A few points before you read on:

1. This shall be RP-PvP without gear or ability limits.
2. This involves a lot of roleplay, so no, it's not just about the PvP.

  • The Path of Prowess - How does it work

  • 1. The actual battles will take place on a weekly basis, preferably one battle each week.
    2. These battles will be held all over Azeroth, hardly ever twice at the same place.
    3. The battles involve the Alliance assaulting Horde encampments and holding them for a specific amount of time, likely an hour or so. The reason for this is IC, and not yet explained here for that reason.
    4. -Before- these battles begin, the Alliance forces shall be meeting up, discussing the next point of interest, the strategy, where to make the camp, all that is involved in siegecraft.
    They will march to this place together a day before the actual fight.
    5. -After- the battle, they shall retreat to their camp and defend themselves there until the day after, when they return home again.

    A few facts regarding this simple strategy:

    1. Everyone involved shall have PvP activated from the moment the traveling begins up to the moment the traveling ends. If the Horde thinks it can foresee our movement, they are free to ambush us along the way, or wait for us there.

    2. RP-PvP without gear and ability restr. does not mean we'll be going nuts. We will be fighting intensely, but we'll be trying to keep it as orderly as a battle of this intensity allows. This mean that even during the fights, orders will be given, camps need to be secured, gates need to be held, and so on.

    3. Flying mounts, you say? If you roleplay owning a flying mount, use it, we shall have to prepare to counter it somehow. Everything is allowed, it's war, is it not!? Still, if you don't own one IC, stick to that, we likely won't be bringing ours either.

    4. The moment our march starts, the rest of the campaign is fully uncertain. It is perfectly possible the Horde gets us down while we march, spreading us thin even before we get there. If this is the case, there's always next week, and we will roleplay defeat. It will add to the realism, I hope.

    5. I am completely fine with the Horde guilds using alternative ways to get to the battle, like portals or flying mounts or summoning, and am fully prepared to acknowledge these methods as OOC means with an IC explanation like: we've been marching here since yesterday, expecting an attack, or we've been sitting ready to receive news of an attack and had methods prepared to arrive as fast as we could. All in all it doesn't really matter to the Alliance how you get there, just that you get there, the how and why is something the Horde can make up for themselves.

  • Guilds currently signed up to this idea

  • First of all, I'd welcome anyone who'd like to participate in this on a weekly basis, but understand that it also needs to remain organize-able every week, and that these things shall be entirely organized IC.

    So remember the rule: Whatever happens, happens IC. If something is arranged OOC'ly, it will be because there is absolutely no other way whatsoever.

    1. The Wallwreckers
    2. The Stormguard
    3. The Hornmantled
    4. The Darkshire Brigade (perhaps!)
    5. ...
  • LONEWOLVES: I'm not in a guild, but want to participate in this!

  • Everyone is welcome to participate in this, but understand that this is still a RP campaign. It shall be mostly about roleplay, and the PvP aspect of it is an hour or two hours of intense fighting mixed with more roleplay. If you want to join us, but do not want to join a guild, apply IC. Ask anyone already participating in this if you can come along. Because you are a lonewolf, the chances of you being a bit oblivious to what is going to happen are significant, but hey, atleast you'll have something to talk about during the march, huh?

    If you fear that you won't have anything to do as a lonewolf, do not be shy to approach a Wallwrecker IC for a task, or submit to someone else's command, or take the initiative and see what you can add. The rules are very open, we want you to have fun more than anything else.

    I would like to ask, since we'll do this on a weekly basis as soon as we start, that LONEWOLVES SEND YOHN A LETTER. This will allow us to register your name, so we can invite you for the next battle as well.
    Answering your interest in this thread will likely get you invited as well.


    Questions, remarks, ideas, are all appreciated. I won't appreciate a discussion of RP-PvP without gear and ability restrictions being a good idea or not. This is above all else an experiment.
    I must say it is a pretty nice idea you have here, however madness could easy take hold some times.....Still, i give this idea a bump, it belive it is worth a try.
    I hope our leaders signs us up (chains of sargeras) for this.
    Hehe, the Horde is entirely free to organize itself, but again, we shall not be organizing this on the Horde side. Perhaps one leader will take the lead and see to it he can prepare to meet us in battle and bring with him enough allies to counter us. The outcome completely depends on the strength of the Horde.

    This shall likely go on during the weekend, and in the evening. Such things will be announced later on.
    JUST TO BE ENTIRELY CLEAR: A lot of this might not yet make sense to people, but rest assured that it will be clear once we've ran a few of these, and we will, we're organizing for it Alliance side as we speak.
    It shall be made clear to the Horde IC as well, via the Argent Post battleresults.
    Heel yea.
    I shall be able to show off my incredible healing skills: Letting everyone around me die but stay alive myself.

    Such skill!
    So sick.
    Bringing this back to the top!
    Whoop, I might appear guildless, but this is not the case!

    People are still free to sign up! In fact, if you just want to tag along without engaging in the actual fighting but more for the camplife, you're welcome to!
    This is cool, up it goes.

    Any Horde folks decided to take up the stick to face these weak willed living ones?
    Finally a (series of) -proper- RP-PvP events.
    Y'all are welcome! I'll sign up your names to the calendarevent, when I finally design a date.
    How strange...rp-pvp without the restrictions. I am interested.
    Had some lovely WPvP last night, making me look forward to this event a lot!
    This is gonna be good.

    -You- should get involved.
    I support this entirely.
    Though I am at a disadvantage (crap gear and I suck at PvP) I like this idea for many reasons.
    Agreeing with Sylmarien here, the gear and all will be a bit.. tricky between people but with all the healers and stuff I suppose it will not be a huge problem. On a side-note, it's.. too early and I find myself hazy in the mind, but wouldn't this idea, which is amazing of course, work as a solution against griefers as well? How would they grief if the level of gear and skill is equal now? Hopefully some of the Ashens will want to come if not all of the guild! Me included!

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