[A] <Revelation> 6/8 hc 10 man guild recruiting.

We are one of the oldest guilds on Frostmane and we always had good raiding progress till ICC.
During BWD/BoT/Tot4W and FL we didn't do anything special (except clearing on normal and some easy hc) due to some good players quitting and some others unmotivated.

Revelation is international guild originaly from Dragonmaw, where it was created during the 2005. The guild moved to Frostmane when the first migration was open, in 2006. At this moment, guild “Revelation” has around 75 accounts, where majority of players are from Serbia, like 50 %, while other 50% is consisted from players from Italy, Netherlands, Romania, Turkey, Sweden, UK and Denmark. The average age of the guild population is somewhere between 22 and 35 years.
Revelation has always been specific guild since we are not insisiting only in progress but also in good atmosphere withing the guild. This is beacuse we find social aspect of MMO games to be the most important one.
After all these years we have been around, we managed to build a strong base of loyal, friendly and mature players, who will not quit, or start yelling at each other when things start to look bad.
Since we are international guild, official language is English

From new recruits and players who wish to become a part of our community we expect that you know your class inside out. Besides that we want players who are open minded, who can take constructive criticism and who always strife to improve their performance in raids. At last but not least, we want players who can respect others and who can understand that sometimes needs of other ppl can be more important then their personal interests.Now we wanna get back to hc raid and because of that we are looking for some good motivated players that wanna help us through that.We are looking for:

We are recruting exceptional players ranged and melee.

What do we need from you:
- to understand your role in raids
- to know class mechanics(particulary your own)
- to know boss(encounter) mechanics
- to come prepared and on time
- to be a team player

Our raiding times are:
Thursday 20.00-00.00 DS hc
Sunday 20.00-00.00 DS hc
Monday 20.00-00.00 DS hc

Make an application here http://revelation-frostmane.wowstead.com for additional info /w to Thalyon.
Forgive his poor english skills. He's Italian. :D
le bump!
still looking for a mage and one more melee (war with tank os if possible)
[Raid] Thalyon: Jaga can you pls go tanking?

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Helplessly watching Murielle dpsing makes baby Jesus cry.
hi, how many legendary dragonwrath staffs from firelands you guys managed to gather, cant see that in guild achievs O.o?
No legendary stuff atm and probably no legendary daggers also.
i heard your guild master and raid leader wowquit, true?
Our GM was also the raid leader...btw...I'm still officer here and i can lead raid.
So if you are going to say that we cant raid anymore cuz of that it's not true.
From today we're going to have 4/8HC progress. :)
Still looking for:

1x mage
1x sp
08/02/2012 19:00Posted by Milenka
i heard your guild master and raid leader wowquit, true?

As you can see Milenka, even w/o GM we killed 3 bosses on hc:


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