Why The Hunter on Hunter Violence?

Is it me or do hunters pretty much hate each other in battlegrounds? Seems like everytime I go in a BG and the opposing side has a hunter, they always attack me for some reason. At first I thought it was a coincidence, but then I checked it and noticed that every BG with a hunter in it they attack me or another hunter on my side and target them a lot during the game.

Is it something you've noticed?
Well I'm more than happy if horde hunter is focusing on our hunters ^^
Gives me plenty o' chances for suprisebuttsexins XD
In hunter vs hunter it comes down to gear, so OFC I will go after the other hunter. Specially when one makes the same assumptions 3 times that BELF tower is unguarded.

But on topic, in BG where I've been to yes, hunters go after hunters first, since it is reasonable that hunter is threat to healers, hunter is threat to melee (if good at kiting) and also major pain in the !@#, if played right, so eliminating that threat is kind of logical.
Hunters will always go for the weak link in battlegrounds and arenas (C WHAT I DID HERE?)
lol Cloudstalker xD

When I pvp on my lowbie hunter, I take it as a challenge to beat all the other hunters one on one. Builds my hunter ego :P
I have noticed that too,what's the point of going after a hunter rather than a cloth user ? The only reason that comes to my mind is he/she wants to prove he/she is a better hunter.(im not referring slaanesh).im a coward in heart often runaway from those kind of challenges
You nuts, going after a clothy like a priest or mage? No, I don't have suicide wish. Mind Blast and Mind Spiker crit is ouch (4,5k resi). Having a 3 minute 1 vs 1 against a disc is fun and mages well (220 spell pen)... I really don't want to go into it, too much horrible memories in being stun(ice)locked :P. Since 90% of clothies that do BG are very good at what they do... So obvious choice, a hunter. Only matchup really where it comes down to the amount of gear and skill.

Even in arena I go after a hunter, just cause my arena partner is a prot. paladin and I know that he is somewhat helpless against a hunter.
It happens to me when we meet frensh realms, not germans or english realms.

I feel there is an unspoken rule hunters dont touch each others.
The few times i encounter a hunter alone on middle we both end up disengaging from each other.
Well... I have to admit I'm guilty of hunting other hunters in BGs, too. First comes the reason of the 'weakest link' - we all know how easy is to bring us down if we get jumped by more than 1 melee. I'm just making the agony shorter ;)
Then, I'm pretty new to WoW, still in L2P phase, and it's quite educational to see other hunters battle, especially against yourself.
It is because hunters know that hunter is really squishy target. And that hunters do crazy damage and cc chains if let uninterrupted.

I prioritize like this on bg's, stealth classes first cause for some reason they hate me more than other hunters, mages, hunters and after that what seems like the softest target.
It is a way to tell you that "you are shame of hunter class, delete your char now" >_<
Not sure what the main reason is, but i suppose the hunter wanting to show they are the best maybe the case. But it happens a lot. Was in Alterac Valley and there was a BM hunter and survival hunter and noticed they switched their targets to me when i arrived in the group and many times during the match. Even saw one bloodelf hunter going after our human hunter, GY camping him.
Red is dead, simple.
The Hunter mentality:

Player A (Non Hunter) - I am in a battleground. I see many other people around. I will go for the easiest kill target, or if I am skillful/desiring to work as a team, I shall harass the most tactically significant target; ie a healer or good support class. Failing that, I shall go for the easiest dps to kill so that we can group up and out-pressure the remaining targets.

Player B (A Huntard) - I have a cat. His name is Tibbles. I see someone else. They do not have a cat. Maybe they hate cats. Therefore I hate them. I shall rain down Arcaney death from afar upon them, as I have gathered far better gear than them. I think.

Player C (A Hunter) - I have a spirit beast, spider or monkey. I know how best to work in a team or on my own in this particular battleground. I will follow the pack around and linger in the back, taking pot shots at people close to death or aiming to annoy healers as much as possible. I see an idiot with a cat called Tibbles. I must prove my girth is far larger than his. Let Hunter on Hunter violence commence.
must admit i do like killing other hunters! even on other toons...healers die first tho
Hunter is the class with the biggest ratio bads. So hunter is the class with the highest rate of succes to attack.

It's logic.
Why i attack other hunters ?

When i see one i think "your kung-fu is not strong"
It's always better target than cloth users as most of them can heal or have shields or can screw you in a matter of seconds

30/01/2012 07:25Posted by Sonnillon
In hunter vs hunter it comes down to gear, so OFC I will go after the other hunter.

All depend on roar of sacrifice, fd, scare beast (if enemy is a BM) detterence , readiness. When both use all of them then fight goes down to gear :p
hunters do ridiculous damage when left alone in bgs and have ridiculously bad defensives versus instants/ranged attacks

it makes most sense to kill a hunter on sight if you're a hunter because if you don't he might drop you within the next 5 seconds
i like to see if i can learn anything from them tbh, like little tricks or things that makes me think, yeah i should of been quicker there.

most of the time they just s key away wondering where ive shadowmelded

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