[A-RP] Star's Fury: Kalimdor Community Needs You!

Argent Dawn
Laws still work as per normal in Kalimdor; which means no arcane and no unholy monstrocity magic, or we bash your heretic skull in.

But when we cross into the East for the campaign I believe Arcane will be allowed; though you'll get -all- kinds of hairy eyeballs if you use it frivolously in the camp and not for roasting orcsies with. Unsure on death knight's magics, will have to check ICly with local law enforcement as to what they tolerate.

But seriously what is the policy for death knight magic in the EK? How do you easterners handle it?
18/02/2012 01:40Posted by Shadefeather
But seriously what is the policy for death knight magic in the EK? How do you easterners handle it?

*Crazed grin* We don't give them the chance. *Gestures to his collection of DK heads and hands*
Up! Training tomorrow hopefully!
I'l certainly be there.
The group was rather thin last week. I hope more will join in.
Tonight's the night, yo.
A big shout out to Kayris for arranging tonight's training event, an obstacle course in the mires of Dustwallow. Was fun watching you all come back caked in grime and mud >:D
Time for a bump. Our next training is tomorrow night.
Auxilliary training, tonight at 7pm server time in Astranaar. Be there or be a rhombus!
Training was good last night. Bump!
Megaprops to Nymi for DM'ing like a pro, heard very encouraging things from the guildies and it's nice to see the boys pulling their weight for once >:D
Just thought I'd put in another bump. This is pretty much open to all Kalimdor citizens, and it means you don't have to be a dirty merc to join in the Borderlands Campaign!
02/03/2012 16:50Posted by Shadefeather
it's nice to see the boys pulling their weight for once >:D

Don't you start! We're heavier than you! :D

I regret to inform that I might have to miss this Thursday's drill, or I will be very late, for an opportunity to spend some rare quality time with my family has arisen :P
Another training over with, and only one burn victim!
Awww yeah, Kalimdor be G, Ashenleaf Offensive featured as an example of a unit including others outside their guild on the new Borderlands Campaign post! *happy dance*

I'm so proud of us right now. Although it did make me think of how to make sure we all look like we're from the same group. I mean, we know who we are and we have a roster of all y'all's names, but other groups and even Waywatcher himself might not, especially if there's a little fluctuation of who turns up every week due to attrition and IRL commitments. While that's also fixed by putting something in your RP Flag (MRP, TRP2, FlagRSP) about being a "Star's Fury Auxilliary" or something, that won't help ICly determine your character's unit at a glance. And this is why I kept stressing about purple armour some weeks back.

I personally love to see big groups in matching uniforms when all lined up, and it's nothing to do with stripping a character of uniqueness, far from it, and personal touches to a full uniform are perfectly fine as well. It's more about group identity, and knowing who is in which unit and also, showing up the human mercs that don't do it >:] it's especially important as our group is multiracial, and other groups will contain kaldorei in them.
So it's not a case of "elves go stand over there" and everyone knows who you're talking about. It literally is just about us, standing together, tall and proud, and everyone knows exactly who is a member of our unit, and can stand back and look at how sheerly awesome we all are.

As I mentioned some posts ago I know it's a bit unreasonable to get a lot of people from different places and guilds all in the exact same set given that we have to cater for cloth leather mail and platewearers and a variety of different character types and the confounding variables of characters individually saying "I would not be caught dead in that" or else wanting to be sure their personality or role is fully represented by their sets. Or something.

But; I still would really encourage people to turn up in our 'uniform colour' which is purple, even if it's just boots or gloves or something with some element of purple on it. At the very, very least, if that's completely undoable, one thing that is readily available from Darnassus, from the moon preistess vendor near the tree portal flight point, is the Darnassus reputation tabard. It's purple, it's... well, representative of what the Star's Fury is about. It also matches the Darnassus Battle Standard, which myself and a few other guildies have gotten after grinding the Argent Tournament, and thus will further link up our group. It's also cheap, and goes right on over whatever your char normally wears, and thus doesn't comprimise your whole outfit with something potentially OOC.

Infact; by Elune, I will grind up my cooking skill until I can make chocolate cookies. And then, during the campaign days I'll give a cookie to every member that wears a Darnassus tabard. We can use that as our standard since getting y'all in one uniform would be like herding sabers.
Bump for the Star's fury! Training event in two days!

It means you have two days to send a mail to Shadefeather!
Training tonight!
Training in 23 minutes! Hurry!
Last training before we leave for campaign lands will be tonight.
Fingon getting blown up begins to cement itself as the first auxiliary tradition. Let's see what count he can rack up once we're deployed east. We'll be heading off Saturday, but it's not too late to join yet!

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