Is my WoW 64 bit or 32 bit?

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I can log into WoW on my 64 bit client..I think its 64 bit though it not in program filesx86. I might be wrong any help? I have a 64 bit pc
start wow -> press CTRL ALT DEL, open taskmanager -> go to processes.

If your wow is 32 bit, the wow process will be called:

"Wow.exe *32"

If your wow was to be 64 bit, im 99% sure the process would be called "*64" at th end.

I run on a 64 bit system and wow is still running 32 bit.
In your WoW Launcher do this: Click on Options - Game Preferences and check so "Launch 32-bit client" is marked. If it is, you start at 32 bit client, if it isnt, you start with 64 bit.
I see how do I unmark it? Do I have to reinstall a 64 bit client?
01/02/2012 19:26Posted by Berathol
I see how do I unmark it? Do I have to reinstall a 64 bit client?

You cant. 64-bit client dosnt work in Europe atm.

And no, it will just be a small update to install when the client is ready for European realms.
I'm almost certain you can install the file fine for now, and just tick the 32bit client box for now.

As far as I can work out the US 64 bit client didn't change. It just started working for them. So presumably the fix is server side. I expect overnight there will be rolling restarts and a restart of the login server (or maybe just the login server even) to update them.

I'm not sure what your issue is here Berathol.

Information about 64 bit client can be found in our main thread:

If you are unable to play World of Warcraft, please describe your issue in detail so we can provide some troubleshooting steps.

Thank you.

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