Please Welcome Nyorloth!

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Welcome, octopus-head !
Welcome, Ny!
Welcome! Be sure to check AD at times!
07/02/2012 10:17Posted by Vaneras
I would just like to say though that bowler hats are way more awesome than top hats... there, I said it!

I would wear a visor if I could, but this pixilated medium persists in denying me that pleasure.
One of the major grievances (besides the linearity and hence making the replayability less and less; account-wide Achievements won't exactly increase replayability, either) I have with the story at the moment is that the actual gameplay doesn't match the Quest texts ie you get hailed like a hero while doing nothing special, without having the option to actually try and tackle more heroic, more challenging Quest lines. You have less and less options to weave your own story.

It severely breaks immersion - which already has taken a back seat with optional content like Class - and the original style Dungeon Quests being removed by Cata (the well-known disappearance of the 'World' in World of Wacraft) - and is deterimental to my enjoyment of the game, as you're basically 'trapped' because so many options have been removed from the game, be it more appropriately difficult Quests or in general being able to weave your own story (if I play two characters through Silverpine, each will have 99% the same story, with teh Cata zones being even worse).

You raise valid concerns, however I am not on the World of Warcraft Quest Design team – I am in Creative Development, and we primarily focus on the overarching story of the games and the ways that the ancillary fiction (short stories, novels, comics, manga, etc.) help develop and enrich these larger universes. However, we do sometimes help the World of Warcraft team with quest work, so I can say this much to these specific concerns: look forward to Mists of Pandaria.
Actually, quick question if I may, when and what are we likely to see you post? Is it mainly going to be more announcement based posts like these? Commenting on feedback related threads? Popping into discussions to maybe clear up a bit of confusion?
A Dark Herald within their company? I see... Warlock buffs... Muhahahahaha!
My eye has glimpsed the forming of an Ask CDev on the horizon... perhaps, even, Soon™! You would all do well to gather your questions now, in preparation for this momentous event.
Hmm. Uncommonly high concentration of lore related community goodness...
It's a trap!
07/02/2012 21:56Posted by Nyorloth
My eye has glimpsed the forming of an Ask CDev on the horizon... perhaps, even, Soon™! You would all do well to gather your questions now, in preparation for this momentous event.

Oh God.
Nice to meet you. I'm glad your presence isn't limited to the US board!
Welcome Nyorloth! Lore is the thing that most interests me in the game, so I am very pleased to see a Blue on the Lore forums. I'm bursting with questions, but as this is not the place, I shall contain myself.

May Elune light your path.
Bashiok does it again.
Welcome Octopi!

(Pokes Bashiok for beta D3)
Welcome Nyorloth,

Might I satart you off on a question ore perhaps it might be more of a plea? Some recent blue posts have once again been commentating on the massive and I feel unecessary critique of Cata story telling, specifically in regards to cutscenes/cinematics. Bliss has a history of over-reacting to to the whinny majority and going to extremes. It makes me nervous that we may now see barely any cutscenes/cinematics in mists possibly even a degenration into something like BC eep!

I think I am perhaps one of the only ones who actually LOVED Uldum and every lil cool cata scne we have in there. Please oh great lord of lore let blizz know that there are those who love those things and want more not less! Uldum's cutscenes only lacked voice over and overall I hope wow has a lot more voice over. Nearly everything is text based with just one line racial voice overs so when the garrosh/sylvanas scene comes along it is like a starving man in the desert given a roast beef platter!

On another note, Epic solo quests. Like Elmental bonds, so far one of my favorite exxperiences inwow and I get a cool piece of epic gear. I know one focused on Varian is coming but I do hope blizz is only going to to make ONE of these per expansion? They always say how much dev time and resources raids take and few people do them or enjoy them really; not everyone likes that at best low level stressful environment hence I am uber stoaked for pve scenarios. BUT things like the Thrall quest line give true epic quality but it is easy and fun and soloable and I am sure it would not take anywhere close to the dev time and resources to turn out more of these end game solo quest lines, certainly more than one per expac.....

Anyhoo would love to hear your feedback even if my voice is of the minority......
That's a very nice top hat your squid has there... shame if something were to happen with it...

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