Holy Paladin PvP guide for 5.4 by Mirion

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I don't play arenas that "seriously" any more, nowadays I'm very casual and only play with friends.

This is a guide that will cover pretty much all you need to get started in arenas & rbgs.

http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/outland/Easydragon/advanced <- armory

Nothing has changed in 5.2 Blinding Light nerf doesn't really matter that much. We're still behind Shamans and possibly Discs, healer rankings IMHO.

Disc -> Druid -> Shaman / Monk -> Paladin. We got replaced in cleaves by discs, but we're still okey just not great.


Stat priority for ME Intellect -> Spirit -> Crit -> Mastery -> Haste. It's what I prefer, whatever works best for you, run with it.

I run Spirit because of the comp I'm running, I've had ties(47 minute games) sofar against a lot of comps and not having to drink as often really helps.

Crit is the best stat as off 5.3, mastery got nerfed and is no longer viable.

PvP Power Vs intellect.

PvP power is still behind Intellect as off 5.3. Don't gem for it untless it's a hybrid gem.

1. Glyphs.
2. Gems.
3. Enchants.
4. Talents.
5. Gearing.
6. Reforging.
7. Addons.
8. Macros.
9. General gametips.
10. RBGs.
11. Viable arena comps.

Let's go(wooh).

1. Glyphs.

There's a few glyphs that are viable right now, I've not tried them all but the major glyphs we can use are.
Glyph of Beacon of Light
Glyph of Divine Protection
Glyph of Hand of Sacrifice
Glyph of Devotion Aura
Glyph of Flash of Light

These 5 are the once I'm currently running with because I feel they're the best one for Arenas right now.

Beacon is good if you know there's gona be a lot of switching beacon around, it will save you mana by giving you more holy power and more WoGs.

Divine protection against any melee class for obvious reasons.

Aura mastery glyph if you don't think you're caster teammates don't deserve it or you just don't have any casters in your team, then this glyph is almost mandatory.

Hand of Sacrifice glyph is awesome against non mages and hunter teams where you can't break CC with it. It's basicly a iron bark. Don't underestimate it vs dots either together with hand of purity & Eternal Flame it's VERY VERY STRONG!!.

2. Gems.

As off 5.3, intellectBrilliant Primordial Ruby is the best choice if you want to compete with the damage going on. Gem intellect in all your slots, everywhere ignore the set bonuses unless they're intellect.

So in waist and gloves you might want to consider going for the set bonus. Usually with Purified Imperial Amethyst

For a meta you want either Tyrannical Primal Diamond which is BiS but until then Burning Primal Diamond is the best choice.

You CAN keep your current gems with resilience, they're good still. Just that damage went so out of hand with 5.3 that you will probably struggle to keep up. If you think you can keep up with the damage without the extra intellect, stay resil

3. Enchants.

Chest - Enchant Chest - Glorious Stats
Cloak - Enchant Cloak - Superior Intellect
Wrists - Formula: Enchant Bracer - Super Intellect and if you can't get that one there's a Mastery one which I can't find the link to but it's called "Enchant Bracer - Mastery" which is OK.
Weapon - Enchant Weapon - Jade Spirit
Shield - Enchant Off-Hand - Major Intellect
Gloves - Enchant Gloves - Greater Haste or Enchant Gloves - Superior Mastery either one works, Mastery is "decent" now but still not good enough to stack.
Shoulders - Greater Crane Wing Inscription or if you're short on gluds Crane Wing Inscription
Legs - Greater Pearlescent Spellthread
Boots - Enchant Boots - Pandaren's Step
If you got Enchanting the Intellect on rings of course.

4. Talent builds.

Fun times now, this is where it gets interesting and what I like so far about this expansion :)

When I look at our talent tree this is what I see. These are the only talents I find viable.


Tier 1. As of 5.4, I've played a lot more than start of MoP and the only one I find really good is the sprint, Speed of Light.

Tier 2. Repentance vs Fist of Justice vs Evil is a point of view.

All of them are VERY good, if you're an experienced player and think you can handle Repentance you should definitely go with it it's very strong but if you play with a class such as an Mage or Hunter you should consider Fist of Justice since it wont DR your team mates CC.

If you're playing with a Warrior(2s for example) Repentance is so strong. In 3vs3 arena I think Repentance will always be better if you can handle it. But Fist of Justice is strong.

Fear has a short range but can possibly be good if you think can you get it off, I don't really recommend it due to being a cast and having a short range.

Tier 3. Both are viable now after the buffs to EF and SS. UPDATED FOR 5.4

Eternal Flame is better for almost everything right now, SS doesn't scale to well and it wont be better than it is right now, the 3 charges doesn't really help that much the absorb is still to small IMO.

Eternal Flame is still the obvious choice for RBGs since the AoE healing is strong and there's mostly DoTs. This applys to arenas too. If you're fighting a team that has a Warlock, Boomkin or SP you should always consider EF since the AoE healing will help a lot with all the spread damage.

Tier 4. Clemency, Unbreakable spirit & Hand of Purity.

Hey! We for once got 3 good talents.

Hand of Purity is obvious vs all bleed / dot classes like SPs, Warlocks & Ferals depending on what their team mates are. It does reduce bleed damage too so all periodical damage.

I use Clemency vs all mage / hunter teams for double sac so you can break all the CC they got.

I will use Unbreakable spirit if I know I will be trained / targeted a lot.

Use at your own will, they are all REALLY REALLY good now.

Tier 5. Divine Purpose.

I don't feel like we need more CD's so Holy Avenger is out of the question for me. Paladins don't need more CDs we need more consistent healing, we've got that with Divine Purpose as it will proc a lot and really help you out.

But as of 5.4 Holy avenger is a viable thing due to the increased sustained healing we got with EF buff, it's not out of the question nowadays, if you're going to play a short arena game it will be viable since extra CDs are good in short games.

Divine Purpose is so good because it can proc back to back.

Tier 6. Holy Prism.

Lights Hammer is a "aimed" spell which "pulses" at one spot, it might be awesome for PvE but in PvP there's a lot of movement and you will very rarely stand in one spot to get healing, especially not for 16 seconds straight.

Execution Sentence is a long CD for very little healing, the final "explosion" of healing is only around 35k or so and the constant ticks are around 8.8k the last time I tried it, not a big fan but it can help if you manage to get it up before a Deep Freeze or so but it's very rarely it happens.

Holy Prism is a short CD, it does TONS of damage for being a "cleave" and loads of healing, for me it's the obvious choice. It's more or less a mini "holy shock".

The only downside of the spell is that it breaks CC from what I've seen..
5. Gearing.

Full PvP gear, pve gear sucks in arenas as of 5.4

Spirit offsets is the only choice still, double PvP trinkets, as horde I would use spirit insignia trinket & spirit BM or on use.

6. Reforging.

Right now I'm not really sure what's the best, I'm currently reforged to Crit and without any buffs I'm at 18% which I think is alrite. I like crit at least, there's no "best" stat.

Spirit should still never be reforged away from, it's still the best stat we've got as without any Mana we can't heal.

7. Addons.

Ok, there's some addons you'll need as a Healer. Interruptbar - http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info19043-InterruptBarUpdatedModified.html

What it does is it shows the CD of the enemy interrupts you can configure it with /ib and change the scale with /IB Scale 1.5 etc, tip would be to hide it with /IB hide then it will only pop up whenever a interrupt is used.

Spell alerter - http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info19715-Spellalerter4.1.html

You can configure it via /SA no need though unless you want to change where it shows, basicly the addon shows what CC is being casted and on to who, it's not 100% correct as there's focus macros, arena123 macros etc.

OmniCC - http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info4836-OmniCC.html

Puts numbers on your spells & buffs / debuffs.

LoseControl - http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info11642-LoseControl.html

This is a really great addon it puts a icon ontop of Party numbers and yourself whenever you get CC'd so you can more easly see the duration of the stuns, siliences etc, works together with OmniCC, strongly reccomended if you're getting started.

These are all the addons i'm using they're all working fine even though some of them might be out of date.

8. Macros.

Ok to the fun stuff, I use quite a lot of macros.

First off is targeting macros, instead of clicking your party frames you should use these, you're going to become a better healer, better at line of sighting CC as you're not looking at your party frames. Do this for all your arena partners and put them on a handy key I have my scroll for targeting(Scroll up and down).

#showtooltip Arcane Torrent
/target nameofparty member

Dispel Macros

I use the same keybind for dispelling my arena partners but together with a Shift modifer so I'm using Shift Scroll up / down for dispelling, you should have a macro to dispel yourself aswell.

/cast [@partymember] Cleanse

Divine Protection

Simple macro to use Health stone as well as our mini Shield wall, I shouldn't have this macro as you tend to use the DP for the sprint and not defensive, so if i'm not topped it's going to use the HS :p

/cast Divine Protection
/use Healthstone

Kings & Might

To rebuff in combat, since they changed the way our blessings work in Cata the easiest way is to buff yourself and you'll all be buffed.

/Cast [@Mírion] Blessing of Kings
/cast [@Mírion] Blessing of Might

Hammer of Justice

Simple Focus Hammer macro.

#showtooltip Hammer of Justice
/cast [target=focus] Hammer of Justice

Blessing of Protection

Yep, I use 2 of these macros aswell as normal keybind to bop, you don't have to but it comes in handy to BoP blinds etc.

/cast [target=NAMEOFPARTYMEMBER] Hand of Protection


I use 3 of these macros aswell, what I do to keep them all in my head is put them on a keybind that I can remmeber, freedom for example is CTRL - 123.

/cast [@NAMEOFPARTYMEMBER] Hand of Freedom

Holy Shock

Holy Shock macro for myself, just somethign I'm still using after 4 years.

#showtooltip Holy Shock
/cast [@Mírion] Holy Shock


Simple focus rebuke, can come in handy if you're standing next to a Mage that just blinked in to sheep you.

/cast [@Focus] Rebuke

Turn Evil

Last one now promise, mouseover TE to fear pets.

/cast [target=mouseover] Turn Evil
General game tips

- You should be using Crusader Strike to gain a Holy Power if you're blanketed / locked on cast to get a quick WoG after. Only if there's something close to you that you can hit, don't run out in the open to do it.
- If you see a Hunter moving towards you you should use Hand of Sacrifice to possibly break the Scatter Trap, this is quite easy to predict once you learn it.
- Blessing of Protection can be used both offensively and defensively , it can for example break blinds or Warrior Fears on yourself.
- If you're being trained by a Rogue and need to get away you should use Hand of Freedom the last second of the stun so you can quickly use Speed of Light or Judgment(if you got the talent) to get away.
- You can fear the Warlock pets to prevent counter spells being casted on you.
- DK pets can all be feared, preferable you should fear the DK pet once it's been transformed as it will do a lot of damage.
- If you ever have spare globals and you're playing with casters, dispel poisons, diseases as well it does make a huge difference.
- Rather use plea early at 80% then at 10%.
- You can cover up Divine Plea with buffs such as Hand of Salvation.
- Don't forget to rebuff in combat as it does make a difference.
- Freedom is our best defensive ability against casters as well as melees, use it wisely as you now have 2.
- Always try and keep a reasonable distance to a pillar, you should always have a way to avoid CC either by outraging it or Line of Sighting it.


- NEVER ever blame a loss on the team, ask them what happened and went wrong and what to do better next game.
- ALWAYS call out exactly what you're doing, latterly every global should be called out, you should call out if you're using a Sacrifice, freedom, bop, divine protection or can or can not cleanse.
- If you lose a game, don't queue up before you've talked through what you're going to do diffrent next game, if you don't you'll probably lose the next game either way.
- As a healer it's very important to know what your DPSers are calling out so you need to listen carefully, you need to know whenever a Rogue is stunned, so he can't kick for example. If this is not working for your team you will not get far, you need to be able to trust your DPS to do what they say they're doing.

If you like this guide please vote it sticky so more people can see it, if i've forgotten anything just post it and i'll edit it in.

10. RBGs.


Glyph of Turn Evil
Glyph of Divine Protection
Glyph of Flash of Light

Are still the best once, there's not really any glyphs which increases you're healing any more.


Empty Fruit Barrel is the best, fights last VERY VERY long now in RBGs, the once I've done we've been battling in the middle of EoTS until both teams reach 1500~ points and the game is almost over.


Same as above.


The only change I would do from my Arena spec is to use Eternal Flame, HoT's are kings in RBGs and Sacred Shield is only limited to one target.


You reforge everything to Spirit so you can last as long as possible, you need to rotate drinks with other healers saying "I'm going to drink now, will you be okey in the middle?" - "Yes I'll use Tree of Life we'll alrite."

General stuff you'll be doing in RBGs.

Escorting flag carrier, freedom him and spamm cleanse, it's important he gets across to your team without losing the flag, that's going to be your job.

Dispel CC from the other healers, this one is crucial if you don't do this you'll not get very far.

Use the buffs that are available in the BGs, the leaf in the huts area great, instead of running to drink you can just take the leaf and spend less time out of combat.

Try to stay very far back from the battle, if you're fighting in the middle and you get gripped in, freedom and sprint out of there. If anyone in your team gets gripped in you should freedom him so he can get out of there without you losing anyone in your team, it's all a numbers game and not so much skillbased.

Don't be afraid to use CDs, rather use BoP to save a healer then not use it, you might lose a flag because you thought "No I don't want to use this I might need it later".

LoH is kinda iffy, you want to save it for the FC but you might be dead, I use it depending on the situation, if we're under heavy pressure I save it, but if we're having a laugh and are dominating the BG I use it on a DPS / healer.

Hand of Sacrifice, this is a great ability to use in RBGs, you can use it like in arenas to avoid CC or on the tank to stop some damage.

Beacon of Light, this should go on yourself if you're against a DoT cleave.

Change according to the situation, if they're going on the FC change it to him.

Setups for RBGs.

Currently Melees are strong in RBGs but usually when we play we run with 1, Paladin, 1 Rdruid, 1 Rshaman, 1 Warlock, 1 Fmage, 1Fdk, 1 Pwarrior, 1 Rogue, 1 SP, 1 Boomkin.


11. Viable comps for arenas.

For 2vs2 you can run with pretty much every single melee class with the best being.

Paladin / Feral , Paladin / DK, Paladin / Warrior.

Some Paladin / Caster comps are.

Paladin / Mage, Paladin / Warlock, Paladin / Lock and even Paladin / Elemental is viable.

For 3vs3 you can play a lot of comps.

PHDk which is Paladin / Hunter / DK and the DK can play both Unholy and Frost. Can go on every single target, preferable squishy targets such as Warlocks and Mages.

TSG which is Paladin / DK / Warrior, the DK can play both Unholy and Frost, Unholy being the better comp if you are REALLY good with it. Zergs healers mainly.

Kittycleave which is Paladin / Warrior / Feral, zerg comp that can go healer all games.

Paladin / Enh / Warrior, can zerg healers extremely easy but can also ruin casters.

KFC which is Paladin / Hunter / Warrior, can go all targets much like PHDk, destroys cloth in general.

Some of the castercleaves you can run are.

Paladin / Mage / Lock, not an very good comp but it's alrite for 2200. As all castercleaves do, you can kill pretty much anything. There's no "best target" but healers are easy kills.

Paladin / Mage / SP, switches to healers every single deep, AoE fear on DPS and deeps on healers.

Paladin / Elemental / Mage, I've played it some lately and it's fun. Can kill almost everything, a lot of instant CC and loads of burst.

Paladin / Lock / Elemental, play it like a DoT cleave and hit whatever's in the open, can kill healers easy.

Paladin / SP / Lock, DoT cleave, you DoT things up and switch to whatever is dropping low on HP. Not that strong but it's playable.

Melee / Caster / Healer comps you can run are limited but there's a few of them, usually they're involving a DK or Warrior.

Personal favorite is Mage / Warrior / Paladin, loads of CC and crazy amounts of damage. Can be played in a lot of different ways, zerg healers, instantly CC the healer for years or play long games. Easiest way to play it is of course to blow healers up and which is also the most fun way!

Paladin / Lock / Warrior, switch to healers with Demon Soul DoTs and watch them drop like titanic.

Paladin / Lock / DK, like all other Lock comps you switch to whatever is dropping, puts out loads of damage and I'm prediciting this to be a top comp next season. Played with Unholy DK.

Paladin / Mage / DK, pure zerg comp, train a target from start to finish. Very heavy damage wise.

Paladin / Mage / Feral, can do whatever you want, go on any target and it's going to be in danger. Very bursty, Deep lines up with Tiger's Fury so every deep you'll have burst.

Paladin / Feral / Hunter, trains cloth and destroys it. Loads of instant CC.

That's all I can think of now, but all of these comps are viable for Gladiator ratings :)

I will probably update this guide as we go on but it's all for now.
Thanks for the guide, also subbed to your channel.
Just a little noob question, I dont get how the mouseover thingie works.
Thanks for the guide, also subbed to your channel.
Just a little noob question, I dont get how the mouseover thingie works.

Mouseover is when you just hover your mouse over the thing you want, in this case the Pet and then click your keybind.
Nice guide and very nice vids too.

One question though, what do I take as my 2nd trinket, aside from the PvP one? I'm really torn between the Battlemaster ones and the on use Spell Power one. If I take the spirit Battlemaster I lose a hefty amount of resilience so would like an opinion on which is best when.
Noob question but does turn evil work against DKs that are under Lichborne effect?
Edit: NVM lol immune to fear
Nice guide and very nice vids too.

One question though, what do I take as my 2nd trinket, aside from the PvP one? I'm really torn between the Battlemaster ones and the on use Spell Power one. If I take the spirit Battlemaster I lose a hefty amount of resilience so would like an opinion on which is best when.

Kinda depends on what comp you run, in meleecleaves people will go on your DK and in other comps RMPS / RLS will want to switch to you.
Brilliant guide mirion, i watched you vid on WCM and noticed you play shatterplay. Could you enlighten me on your strat vs RLS please :D
Noob question but does turn evil work against DKs that are under Lichborne effect?
Edit: NVM lol immune to fear

It does work.

Holy wrath will stun them aswell :D
aaaaargh sorry one more post PROMISE!

/cast [@Koal, nomod][@Unready, mod:ALT][@bínto, mod:SHIFT]Cleanse

Thats my Mod macro for cleansing bound to Q.
Simply enter the name of target after the @, and make sure you dont have a bind for shift/alt Q
06/02/2012 10:45Posted by Bínto
Brilliant guide mirion, i watched you vid on WCM and noticed you play shatterplay. Could you enlighten me on your strat vs RLS please :D

Well, bascily it's a hardcounter but what you do is evry single Deep CD you have your goal is to go Shaman.

AoE fear the DPS at the same time you deep shaman to prevent Tremor, you as the Paladin should aim to HoJ the DPs that trinkets(generally the Warlock is the better option as he'll just Howl of Terror and your fuked).

Fear Lock pet evrtime you deep for no CS, usaly you'll lose but this is the best way we found, go Rogue otherwise put all CS's on Lock.

Also if this thread gets a bit more attention(via sticky or just generally voted up) I migh goahead and give some general tips aswell.

I will answer all the question that are relevant aswell.
you've got almost 3k spirit...why????????

Reforge it off, its not worth having so much spirit
For my comp we tend to have alot of long games :)
im at 2k and i've never gone oom in any bg, never go oom in any arena unless someone is manaburning me constantly.

ur up at 4k if u judge all the time, thats crazy amount of mana.

I've had some 20 minute long games against comps like LSD2, I need the regen, the crit however I don't need as i'm playing with two casters that can peel for eachother very easy.

Please bear in mind that the game isn't as zergy on higher ratings as lower, it's alot slower phased.
Uptaded the thread with some general gametips aswell.

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