What trinkets to use in RMP

Hey guys as we all know Vial of shadows was ridicilous good before the nerf. But after the nerf i'm not really sure if it's worth it anymore. what combination of 2 trinkets do you think is the best in 3vs3 as RMP:

lvl 384 Vial of Shadows
lvl 384 Starcatchers Compass
The on-use PvP Trinket
The Proc PvP Trinket

atm i run with Vial and Proc Trinket but i'm considering buying the On-Use trinket and run with that and Vial or proc, but im not really sure.
What are your opinions on this and why?

vial and on use pvp one.
I totally forgot to mention that i´got Synapse Spring on gloves and that cant be activated same time as on use, now i know some rogues have on use for 1st dance and use synapse on 2nd. But then again i can be lucky that the proc trinket will proc in opener + synapse spring for +450 agi. But then again it isnt really that reliable imo
10/02/2012 12:35Posted by Sanjiix
lvl 384 Vial of Shadows


10/02/2012 12:35Posted by Sanjiix
The on-use PvP Trinket

The passive agility from Vials is still nice, and it can proc twice in a Garrote > Kidney combination which can be well over 30k together with your on-use trinket up, so still worth it by far.
I concur!
384 Compass and PvP one but if it been dropped i would use vial+pvp trink (who would want different except human race.)
Compass isn't really that great. Agility beats Haste 3 times around and the damage proc from vial is, though less busty, still awesome.

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