feral pvp crit>mastery?

So im gearing my kitty for pvp again and I'm noticing I seem to do much nicer burst with just mangle and ferocious bite spams as opposed to keeping rip and rake up. To this end I'm considering stacking crit instead of the standard mastery but I'm not entirely convinced this would increase my damage output. I'm looking at this mainly for bgs purposes, no serious arenas of rbgs really. Any thoughts?
No, tbh as you only gain like 10% crit max while you suffer more than 20% (?) bleed damage. Also I have 40% crit while stacking mastery wich is more than enough. To little gain in my opinion but I can see it be useful if you are playing like fmp and rely on a huge burst more than stable damage but then again I feel like my burst is amazing anyways without crit.
Mastery is more reliable, because you cant do constant DPS to your target, most for tiem you open, bleed, restealth and no one would allow you to DPS your target for about 15 seconds.
But, yes, crit would be more useful when target's teammates on CC.
Mastery all the way - Energy pooling and mastery is the way too go..

Open - bleeds - pool your energy up - repeat.

Its better to line up 2-3 set of burst sessions then mashing that shred button of yours and getting one shred in every 4 seconds..
Although when I think of it crit could result in a faster cp earning wich could be useful. But go with mastery it provides more damage.

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