Elementium Gem Clusters

I was wondering if your currently on the 2 stage of legendary daggers and lets say you got like 40 gems , would you lose all those 40 gems if you transfer to a new server and gotta start with 0 again in stage 2 or do you keep all 40 on the new server
I wouldn't advice trying. But i know for a fact that race changes allow you to continue.
they`re q items , in ur inventory , that aren`t in any ways related to race / faction etc . logically u shouldn`t lose`em . u can always ticket a gm and ask the question .
ah and what i forgot . heard that the 1st dude that got the legendaries actually changed servers and whatnot to take advantage of the raid reset that comes with it . seems legit , whether it`s true or false .
I'm pretty sure faction changes reset the questline, or atleast that they used to.
02/02/2012 22:41Posted by Eléctrica
I'm pretty sure faction changes reset the questline, or atleast that they used to.

If I remember correctly we had this topic in the rogue forums like 3 weeks ago. This guy faction changed and did idd loose the quest and had to re-accept it again. BUT he did not loose the items in his inventory.
That is how it works with race changes. I was talking about a full reset.

But maybe im just seeing ghosts idk :[
The full reset got changed i think when stars tried to abuse it to start heroic modes early
You don't loose the items, you will have to retake the quest though, but that's all.
I know that we had a couple of people come over to us from another server \ alliance when they were on the final part of the legendary staff chain, they lost all there items - however, they ticketed a GM and once they got the souls or whatever it was they were missing the GM restored the ones he lost

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