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Just browsing the forums and saw that in MOP apparantly the stats on everything are gonna be nerfed.

For example atm unbuffed i have 130k or so health unbuffed, When the stats are nerfed I will have around 30k, maybe more or less.

Opinions on this change? I personally like the sound of it
If it is implemented correctly then it should be a good change. Already we are seeing tanks with nearly 300k hp and the range between a fresh 85 and a well geared one is huge.

If this carried on into MoP we could well see fresh 90s with 300k + HP and geared tanks pushing for 1,000,000 which is rather silly and the all the numbers just become too big. Scaling back the numbers across the board would still allow everyone to get better but without the numbers themselves being ridiculous i.e. +789 stamina, +987 intellect, + 860 haste and so on.

I hope they go ahead with this and just dial it all down a notch, but (and this is the big BUT) it will only work smoothly if they get it right, if it's messed up then there will be all kinds of issues.
Yeah i agree, i hope they do change it tbh lol
Here's Ghostcrawler's blog on this topic from a while back -->

I hope they do it, I doubt they will tho tbh. People will QQ too much about their numbers being "nerfed". And as Katarnas said before me, if they do it, they have to do it right. So I'll doubt they'll be doing it for MoP, maybe they'll delay it till the expansion after MoP or so.

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