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10/10, shoulders are pure win, set looks great and weapon is transmogged to my long-time favourite
Nice set, bit strange on a Belf pala. Axe = ugly =/
I like it, very #@#%ty :p 8/10.

Myself I could use some work.. Havent gotten any weapon or shield yet to transmorg, but working on it. Also my boots dont match superwell, but I'd rather want these than Conqueror's small boots :xxxxxxxx
kinda cool, like a #@#*ty banana 7/10
my armory hasnt updates since i mogged

Looks pretty cool.

Nice spikes
6/10. Your untransmogged boots clash pretty badly with the rest of the set, as does your cloak. Your weapon doesn't really seem to fit the set either.
very nice combinations
My mace sucks but hey its all i got lol

You really haven't touched a lot and I really do not see why you made your shield worse.
Youre the same as above you, 5/10.
This is my vanilla pala (faction changed), hence why im going for ye ole bwl dps warrior/paladin thingy. Still missing my flameguard gauntlets though, and mourning the loss of peacekeeper ZG gear.
I like the axe, got it yesterda from BWL trash, Unfortunately I didn't get my shoulders. I am happy with my set T2 + Lightbringer shoulders + Brute Force Tabard and Ashkandi!

Don't know if I should go full T2 or stick with this?
Weapon and Tabard don't fit to well with T2 in my opinion and T2 is rather... overused? I'd opt for a different set if I were you. Wn't hold the lack of shoulders against you though, those never dropped for me either. 7/10.
Well i guess i rate Daph as well then...!

Well it is pretty nice, maybe not that original, but you have to love the Fore reactive disc and the Ironfoe lookalike mace! Im not a fan of the head though ><. Guess i don't like the engineering design.

I would say 7/10!

Cool. 9/10.
I really liked the original gladiator set (more than t4, cause of the darker colors).
Not a big fan of Despair though.

7/10 I guess, the set carries some prestige, but it isn't really that nice, also seen a ton of people using the same set. Not that mine is very unique either though.
It is different, I like the colour 7/10

I have Stormwind Steed from the Argent Tournament to go with my guy, looks co-ordinated lol although I could do with a better belt. Any suggestions would be appreciated :)

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