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I know what pvp gear is, but as u can see im a level 10 noob. Where can I get pvp gear? I have lots of honour points compared to my level, i just need pvp gear.
The first PvP gear you can get is at level 60 from Org/SW depending on if you are Horde or Alliance. You can then get more at levle 70 from either the same place or Area 52 in outlands (can't remember the name of the area, Nether-something). Next set is then at level 80 from your main city or Dalaran I beleive. Then, ofc, level 85 which is either crafted blue pvp gear you cna get on the AH or the epic stuff from Org/Sw.
There's also a Horde vendor in the camp in Ashenvale - he's outside the instance for Warsong Gulch. You'll only need about 20 HP (Honor points) to buy the rings and necklaces the vendor sells there.

After that, I imagine it's straight up to Lv.60 when there's much better armour too.

Oh, and the reason why PvEers don't like PvP armour is because it doesn't offer Hit rating (required in raids mostly), and PvE doesn't offer resilience (reduces damage taken from players).

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