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Any idea if these will be hot-fixed any time soon? First we had hundreds of the Alchemy mounts at ~1-2k per server (at least one tenth of the cost of the vendor mats required to craft), then we had level 1s selling multiple stacks of the new epic gems within a week of them being available, similar for the Essences of Destruction and now we have the Crimson Deathcharger being duped.

How out of hand does it have to get before something is done?
09/02/2012 20:21Posted by Aleydita
How out of hand does it have to get before something is done?

Not very.

Believe it or not, fixing the issue is not as simple as unticking a "Allow Item Duplication" box.
Matters such as these are investigated thoroughly and then appropriate actions are taken Aleydita. I am afraid that we are not able to divulge these actions on the forum. Rest assured however that we do take such things seriously and should you see any form of exploitation, then please let us know. :)
Having done a bit of research on this, it seems at least one of these exploits has been around since early Wrath at least, with a suggestion that it even dates to late Burning Crusade. Perhaps this particular issue is filed alongside "bots in battlegrounds" behind the fridge.

Given the increase in cost of herbs and ore since before Christmas, I would hazard a guess that the botters have switched their attentions from farming those to simply duplicating high-value items. I would imagine it's worked very well for them. Still, be nice if those of us who play by the rules had a chance.
The duplicating exploit was fixed in patch 4.3.2, guess why the patch was postponed with a week. :) The items could have been duped when the bug was live back then, and they're just selling the items now.
Hmmm. So 4 different level 1 characters suddenly pick today to start to undercut each other with a high-value item that hasn't previously been seen on the AH in probably 2 years? I don't buy it.

I genuinely wish it had been fixed with the most recent patch, my faith in their combating exploits has been non-existent given their inability to stem the tide of bots in battlegrounds, and it could do with a boost.
I belive the duplication bug(exploit?) is fixed with the 4.3.2 patch

As you say, people are stil selling items at amazing prices, this is most likely duplicated items from earlier, and i do belive blizz is currently tracking and keeping an eye on who buys them and what they are used for to find a way to the goldsellers, then to do a massive banwave. (just my guess :))

Also, dont buy items if you have suspicion its duplicated items, as that can lead to account penalties and removal of said items.

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