Shaman achievements.

Hello fellow shamans!

I want to get lots of "shaman like stuff" for my characters. By this I mean that im looking for "shamanistic" mounts, titles, reputations, achievements, gear and specc etc to go for.

All hints are good.

Thank you!
I have to admit the Horde races are much better at the whole shamanistic stuff than we are :)

Ok i will have some suggestions, lets see what you think (my own opinions of course)..


- Racial Mount (your race of course, its nice to see a draenei on an elekk for example)
- Brewfest Kodo
- Mammoths
- Whatever looks good with the gear you have really.. but nothing dark or with skulls on, etc


- <name> Of the Four Winds (Al'Akir hc)
- Elder <name> (seasonal)
- Flame Warden <name> (seasonal - works well especially for elemental shaman)
- Starcaller <name> (algalon 10m)
- <name> the Astral Walker (algalon 25m)
- <name> of the Exodar/Ironforge/Orgrimmar/Sen'jin/Thunder Bluff (depending on race)

No longer obtainable ones that you may or may not have:
- Champion of the Naaru (no longer obtainable)
- Hand of A'dal (no longer obtainable)

- Your home cities (alliance/horde) We shaman are peaceful diplomats afterall
- The Earthen Ring (super Shaman organisation)
- The druid clubs (Cenarion Expedition/Cenarion Circle/Guardians of Hyjal/Avengers of Hyjal) again, we are close to our Druid brothers
- The kalu'ak
- The Oracles
- The Aldor
- Kurenai/Magthar
- Sporeggar
- Therazane
- Timbermaw Hold
- Zandalar Tribe (now unobtainable)


- Not really sure what to put here.. just any that makes you look powerful, such as killing a huge threat to the world.. killing Deathwing in revenge for shattering the world & causing great pain to the elements


- A good place to start is the tier gear, Tier 1 through to 13, most will have some shamanistic theme (rocks/lava/elements). Also PvP gear, but less so.

- The 2 fist weapons from Hyjal Summit raid have a nice lava theme. Also ice-layered barrier, a shield from Ulduar that has lightning shooting off it fits nicely with the Shaman theme.
You can tell if a weapon is shamanistic or not just by the artwork etc :)

- Whatever you prefer :) although personally i feel enhancement spec really captures the heart and soul of shamans with their windfury spell effects and being berserking totemic warriors. But play your favourite, they all have some element of shamanism in there somewhere.

- Avoid other class stuff... armor with skulls on, stuff that would suit another classes theme much more than it would suit ours
- Be creative, give your character your own personal touch, bond with him :) you must become one with your character like we are one with the elements
- Show off your Shaman stuff as a symbol of pride.

Whether you are up close and personal ripping chunks out of the enemies' face with your axes, or bringing down threats from afar with lava and lightning, remember that our class

Well, you just missed your chance to pick up the "Elder" title. You seem to have a nice mog set already, so not really sure what else would qualify as very shamanistic. It tends to be a bit race specific.
Matron - best title
tier 2 is the best shaman looking tier. also tier from aq stormcaller

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