[DK-RP] The Naz'kahet [The Knights of the Damned]

History: It all began after the Fall of the Lich King, Angelus stood and ponder his fate as the vow he sworn not long ago had finally been fullfilled. As time went by, more and more Knights who once served him against the Lich King began to ponder their own fate and so the Naz'kahet were founded.

The Knighthood quickly rised in both numbers but also hate.They were one of the first Knights who'd claim to serve the Alliance fully, to stand and fight until death take them once more for the King and his Alliance. Wars they attended to since that was their playground. The Twilight Highland Campaign must been the most known one as their terrifying powers were unleashed upon the Horde, and fear stroke into the Alliance for having such allies within the Alliance. Yet time proved them to be worthy allies upon the battlefield to grant advantage against the vile Horde.

After some time a blow stroke hard upon the Naz'kahet, betrayals and powerhunger took hold, once mighty Knights who served in the High Core began to plot plans of betrayal, yet due to one mistake that plan were quickly washed away with a single tide. The attempt to betray the Dread Commander took bad damage upon the Naz'kahet and forced them into hiding, yet as time went by they managed to recover the loss, and enstablish once more. With time went by, their need of numbers made them desperate, and began to recruit non-Death Knights into their fold. Something the Dread Commander wasn't fond of yet it was neccesary. Shortly afterwards Angelus claimed himself as Deathlord, to rule over this mighty order.

The Naz'kahet have kept their oath to the Alliance and still battle the Horde and other enemies that threatning the Alliance. The Stonetalon Campaign was one of few events that have shown it of late yet more will come as time goes by.
Now as they're growing they've managed to gain access to operate within Gilneas, attempting to bring the former Kingdom back to glory, and hopefully grant advantage against Angelus' true intention... To reclaim Lordaeron.

Their attempt to secure Gilneas was shattered as the Gilneans couldn't cooperate with them which later on forced them into abandon the plot regarding Gilneas
Now Angelus may be seen from time to time walking the streets of Stormwind, seeking out men and women to join his path to glory and power to one day achieve what many others have not.

The Naz'kahet is now beyond limits, now far bigger and stronger than before. Still out and hunger for more power and land. Recruiting and training is almost all that is done, yet time for private matters also join in as it finds fitting. With the Argent Crusade as an ally they're allowed to operate from the known stronghold Tyr's Hand. While the livings of the Naz'kahet spend their time there mostly, the Knights of the Naz'kahet seems to mend their wounds with the Ebon Blade. From time to time the members of the Naz'kahet may be seen within the Captital City of Stormwind who calls out for arms.

Join us in our glorious battle in attempt to best the remaining Scourge but also purge the Horde from Lordaeron.
Caer Darrow, the place the Order have chosen to set themselves, is a location of vile magic and uncomfort. With the Cult of the Damned in their basement, only held back by a gate and the swing of our blade, and with the Forsaken not many stone throws away we remain ever vigilant.

OOC Information:
Classes/Races: Death Knights! We love them and welcome them we open arms, living are very skeptical and will remain in strong consideration if one wishes to join. All races are welcome and we wish to see more of the “exotic” races that are not the usual Knights. Gnomes, Dwarves, Draeneis and Night elves are interesting races that we hope to expand on, yet all races remain accepted. But we all seek more females to the order to be able to balance out the genders more even.

Goal: We fight to live another day. Our goal is to create an elite force of Death Knights to fight for the Alliances words, but only so long they remain spoken. Whenever Varian is not busy sending us into battle we remain with our dark goals. For now it seems we want to stop the Cult of the Damned to rise from Scholomance, yet they have some very interesting reading.
Regular RP and RP-PvP is a lovely part of what we always have been doing, and we will continue to do so, yet with the introduction of the NZB(Naz’kahet Beta*) we will focus upon Dungeon Master styled events aswell.
How to join us: Along with a new thread, and introducing a new system, we are also setting new standards to our recruitment. Quality over quantity. If you wish to join this order you will need to fill our recruitment form and send it over at ArgentArchives.org to either
Runeweaver at http://www.argentarchives.org/node/87288
Angelus at http://www.argentarchives.org/node/51234

Guild Application Template

Name: .
Often Seen:.

Read and agree with our Guild Rules http://orderoftheebonflame.webs.com/guildrules.htm


Bearer of the Crown of Naz. The leader of the Order, he who holds absolute power in the end. Respect must be shown, no matter your own rank.

Dread Commander
The second in line of the Order. Her or his word is only ignored by the Deathlord himself. Noone currently occupies the seat.
Info: The Dread Commander may wear the epic guild tabard and a guild cloak on while on duty. The Dread Commander is the right hand of the Deathlord and it grants him permission to wear helmet or hood while not fighting.

Those trusted by the Deathlord, their commands are neither to be ignored.
Info: Overseers must wear the eoic guild tabard and a guild cloak on while on duty. For being one of the leaders over the Naz'kahet you may now wear helmet or hood while not fighting.

At the pinnacle of their training, Champions are now ready to take or organize mission by themselves.
Info: Champion must wear the superior guild cloak and a guild cloak on while on duty. Due to being so respected among the Naz'kahet you may now wear helmet or hood while not fighting.

Mounted and melee combat might be understood now, yet your training with magic comes next. Be prepared to spend weeks to master your ghoul or learn the basics of a Blizzard.
Info: You must wear the regular tabard and guild cloak always on duty and you may not have hood or helmet on except when fighting which helmet will be allowed.

A reapers combat skills have become great, yet mounted combat is not to be underestimated. Your training with the horse has begun.
Info: You must wear the regular tabard and guild cloak always on duty and you may not have hood or helmet on except when fighting which helmet will be allowed.

Above the common Knight. Advanced combat techniques are to be expected. These troops have proven their value to The Naz’kahet, and act as the more respected trooper in the battlefield.
Info: You must wear the regular tabard always on duty and you may not have hood on duty nor helmet except when fighting helmet is allowed.

Those who have been captured at Scholomance, or from any missions the Naz’kahet launched at The Scourge. These Necromancers act as the healers to the troops, but at the same time is a force not to be reckoned with.
Info: Must wear the regular tabard

The backbones of the order, as a Knight you have proven to be worthy to enter The Naz’kahet. Unquestioned Discipline, Loyalty, and strength will be expected from you.
Info: You must wear the regular tabard always on duty and you may not have hood on duty nor helmet except when fighting helmet is allowed.

The name says it all, you are either with us for the perks, or just an alt of one of our members.
AA page: http://www.argentarchives.org/node/80041
Website: www.orderoftheebonflame.webs.com

Different videos that are made for the guild:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wk4ygsn92DY - Made by Freriwyr/Freriwyrs, so lots of thanks to him.

Following three links are from a event which were held in Gilneas, three days long RP-PVP event. All credit goes to Arrion who made the awesome videos.
Day 1 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9Vf_QbtYR8&feature=related
Day 2 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5c_-IyGk6U&feature=related
Day 3 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4cvecoQyxM&feature=related

The guild is currently level 19, working on 20.
We also do LFR and some Old School Raids/Dungeons for nice gear or fun times.
Some members of ours also enjoy Battleground or Arena and no doubt that is something we do aswell.
No doubt that we take joy in all these things, but we focus us self on Roleplay and we expect our members to do so aswell.
Also, if you are into such things, we do enjoy having skype conversations from time to time. Loads of fun.

*Naz’kahet Beta is a new system being introduced soon. You should be able to find it on the AA. Might post it on forums if there is high demand.

IMPORTANT: We do not want Off-topic or anything that doesn't involve with our recruitment. If you've complaintments about the guild or any specific members then head over to our website www.orderoftheebonflame.webs.com and press Contact Us/Report Player and fill the questions there. If you're to report not suitable behavior I recommend you link some screenshots or somehow be able to send them to us later on.
Reserved for later use
Reserved for later use
The upcoming week or two our ArgentArchives guild profile will be up to date.

Overall the guild is stable and we've plenty of events and role-play overall.
Small update on our more OOC social aspect of the game.


We're currently doing Looking For Raid each week as a guild group. It's often between 3 to 5 people, hopefully we will get more and more soon enough to get more loots from it. We also do ICC10HC a lot and some other old content for Transmog/RP gear and fun. Also last but not least we're trying to get guild runs for Hour of Twilight Dungeons up to gear that way as well.


We've done some small groups to random Battlegrounds and Call to Arms and will be done more but I do not see any Rated Battlegrounds possible anytime soon but may be something to add in the future if enough interest in it.


The guild itself are based upon Death Knight Brotherhood so our majority of membership will be Death Knights but we do accept non-Death Knights if they find a suiting lore to stick with us. Example we seek Mages, Priests and Warlocks to play out the role as Necromancers but we can also accept other darker people example a rogue who spends his time in the shadows of Lordaeron may seek shelter in Caer Darrow among us and alike.

Fix the story and we can give you a shot among us.

For more information or if you wish to join please contact either me or Runeweaver on the ArgentArchives.
It's Saturday night and Death still haunts us within Caer Darrow. Join our cause to battle the remaining Scourge and other creepy forces within the plagued lands of Lordaeron!
Hi there.

I must admit I am interested in this guild and some darker style RP.

Although I am not too keen on applying for an RP guild via the AA or this forum. I would rather it be done IC on Argent Dawn.

Send me an in game mail or a /w sometime.
@ Bellatorr I am available soon and will be most of the night so I'll add you on friendlist and try to find you. Also will write a ingame OOC letter soon as well regarding how to handle things.

For the rest we're still recruiting and seek dedicated and active members. We're aiming to try not to be too big yet some more active members would be awesome to have.

Remember that we're not evil. We're dark due to our undead nature. We're servants of the Alliance and it's important that it's not forgotten.

For further questions please feel free to reply here or contact me either ingame or on ArgentArchives.org
After seeing a bit of the new Scholomance and Scarlet Monastry I can say a lot of nice plotlines will be created out of it. I think we will even be pushed away from Caer Darrow for a month or something in the future.

We will see in Mists of Pandaria.

Overall we're still recruiting as stated above so join us tonight and shed blood for the Alliance!
Small bump to inform few events that have occured.

The Naz'kahet have now joined the other Alliance forces down in Arathi Highland to ensure victory in the Borderlands Campaign.

The Naz'kahet have now gain an offical member of the Alliance to oversee their movement. Due to the Alliance wish to see what their Death Knights are up to and possible to do.

Also we've two ways of joining. One be a application to us on the Argentarchives.org or to stay with us over some time IC, a week or something to prove yourself worthy.
Due to lack of communication with the Alliance we've now for over a week been left behind in the wilderness. In our struggle to gain a hold of our own we've clashed into battle with the local ogres in attempt to purge their nasty presence and claim their caves as our own!

Join us now and see those motherless ogres slain in the name of the Alliance, the Naz'kahet!

Incase you wonder why we're currently based in Arathi Highlands that would be due to we've joined a server wide Campaign between Horde and Alliance forces.
The Naz'kahet still lurks within the ruined walls of Stromgarde to recover from the two weeks spent in the wilderness after the failed siege upon Hammerfall.

Words fills the cities and villages all over Azeroth the Damned seek out their fellow brothers and sisters to heed their call to raise their Runeblade once more against their foes.

Join the Naz'kahet tonight!
The thread is quite outdated so I'll put some time and effort to see it up to date.

But join us tonight in our path to glory!

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