Ask CDev #3: Questions!

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Creative Development once again opens the floodgates for questions pertaining to the lore of the Warcraft universe!

Our last two "Ask CDev" projects generated thousands of unique questions across all the different regions, but ultimately the Creative Development team was able to sift through the sea of inquiries to focus on the questions with the juiciest answers. You can see the results of the last two "Ask CDev" endeavors here:

Ask CDev #1:

Ask CDev #2:

The rules of engagement this year are as follows:
* No restriction on the subject of your post, but keep in mind that questions that may be answered by the release of Mists of Pandaria will likely be overlooked; we don't want to spoil surprises!

* Please only ask one question in each post. If your post has more than one question (or if your question contains multiple parts), it will be overlooked. Also, it is recommended that you check the thread to see if your question has already been asked; duplicate questions will not have a greater chance of being answered.

* Questions will only be accepted for the first seven days, and the thread will be locked at 11:59 p.m. PDT on February 22.

* While the thread is open for questions, forum members are encouraged to go through the thread and "Like" or "Dislike" posts; voting on a post will increase or decrease (respectively) the probability of that question being answered.
A post a long time ago suggested that Light and the Shadow is the source of all priestly powers (even if the priest believes it comes from a divine being like Elune or the Lich King). Did that make it into official lore or is it something that was explored a bit and then forgotten?

Just remember as well that this is about lore questions, asked by the creative developers. Questions about class mechanics or game design will not be answered unless they directly pertain to the lore surrounding them. No sneaking in such questions under the guise of lore questions.

Okay, first off, seeing as there were black dragons in outland untouched by the Fangs of the Father Questline, how many black dragons are there left?
What happened to Maiev between killing Illidan and returning to Night elf society, and how long did it take?
For several thousand years, Jarod managed to stay secluded from society. My question is how did he manage to stay hidden all that time, considering he was a top general and his sister was head of an organisation skilled at tracking?
*sighs* I fear this question will go ignored as many will not care but I will try!

One of the few lore update's the Blood elves have received is that Lady Liadrin is quite the devout follower of the light now due to the events at the Sunwell (or so it seems). Does this mean all / most Blood Knights have followed her lead, will we really get yet a another horrid redemption story shoved down our throats?

I ask this because on most roleplaying servers the ''light/good'' Blood Knight's are in the minority and most Knight's have a dislike towards Liadrin's sudden change in style.Edit: Naturally there is also a tiny fear that Blood Knight's turn into Draenei paladins v2 and the whole Blood elven race turns into just goody goodys as I rolled this race for something else at least ( I realise charecters/races 'progress but still <.<).
In Wrath of the Lich King, the Order of the Silver Hand was merged with the Argent Dawn to create the Argent Crusade. However, with the campaign in Northrend long over, has the Silver Hand gone back to the Alliance, or has it ceased to exist as a result of the merge, leaving the Paladins of the Alliance without an order of their own, while the Paladins of the Horde still have their own organisations?
Will Velens faction leader shortstory actually be "New lore", to get some development in this forgotten faction leader? (Unlike Lor'themar Therons which only brought an explanation on why the blood elves did go to Northrend 3 years ago)
While it seems Benedictus eventually fell to POWAHlust, what initially triggered his defection?
In Wolfheart we discovered that Malfurion deliberately declined the Night Elves being able to return to immortality. How has this affected their society?
In Hyjal we aided (unintentionaly) a Satyr, Tyrus Blackhorn, too escape his imprisonment, where he said that "Our time would come", implying we would die, either by his hand or something else, but he has yet too fulfill this promise,, it seemed like he would make a return for the Firelands, but never did so what i wanna know is: what is he up too?
Are you guys satisfied with the involvement and implementation of the Worgen race in the storyline and their overall presence in the game?

Why did you decide to send Worgen characters to Darkshore and make the continuation of the Gilneas storyline unavailable to Alliance characters at all?
In Warcraft III, it seemed like night elves had a very alien perspective and culture. In World of Warcraft, they are portrayed more or less as humans with blue skin and pointy ears, especially now when all gender differences and magic-aversions have been gotten rid of.

How does the creative team approach the different races in terms of lore differences, and what efforts are made to actually make them different beyond their architectural style?
Please remember to only ask questions directly relating to the lore (aka “story”) of the Warcraft universe; gameplay-related questions will be removed from the thread.

Also, please keep in mind the limit of one question per post - it helps us track questions much more easily when we begin the compilation process.
Will Aggra have a role besides just Thrall's wish fulfillment?

(I mean, she even admits it herself!)
In Deathknell in Tirisfal Glades, it appears that the Forsaken allow the newly raised Forsaken to choose their own allegiance, but in areas such as Silverpine and Andorhal, no hint of free will is given, as the farmers and soldiers instantly switch allegiance without much of a complaint. As such, do the Val'kyr use some kind of mind control or charm magic on the Forsaken raised on the battlefield?
Could you tell us what Magatha Grimtotem is up to with her doomstone?
One of my favorite gnome character is Manastorm, so after witnessing his apparent demise in the stonecore it made me wounder if Millhouse kicked the bucket or will he be able too say a "merely a setback!"?
What are the Knights of the Ebon Blade up to right now ? Do they have any goals now that Arthas is dead ?
Why is it that so many cities and factions - such as Nighthaven, Shattrath, Dalaran, the Silver Hand, the Violet Eye, etc. - that were formerly pro-Alliance turn neutral, while the same never happens to pro-Horde factions (with the possible exception of the Earthen Ring)?

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