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Looking for Players – PvE
Hi everyone,

I am currently in Burning steppes server but I am willing to move around to join a serious pve raiding guild. I am available on everyday except tuesdays and thursdays evening. Apart from that I am willing to put all my effort and concentration to help my future fellow guildies. Lots of love and peace.

Flame of Neltharion 25m Heroic progression guild.

Wednesday, thursday, sunday 25m raid 19.00 to 23.00.
Monday, thursday, friday: Rated Battlgerounds.

We take pride in having the best social envioment you will ever find!


Hey there!

Excilum on Jaedenar server is kinda a newly formed raiding guild, which takes things seriously.
And we are currently looking for exceptional players to join our team, we're doing 10 man for now, but now recruiting for 25 man due to that we wanted to go that far. In between our raids, we're not just being serious, we also having alot of fun. Alot of good atmosphere in the guild, which also are needed ofc.

What we expect from you :
* You are a reliable person
* You attend atleast 2 raids per week
* Age limit needs to be 16
* Be prepared for every raid with flasks/food/pots etc, also reading upon tacts
* Don't scream on vent if someone do anything wrong, 'cause everyone can do terrible mistakes. So please avoid it.

What you can expect from us:
* We have a very good atmosphere in our guild
* Hopefully we will provide flasks/ food very soon
* Prepared and all, with tactics etc.
* And a good sense of humor.
* We will also use loot council

We currently have 8/8 normal ds and 1/8 heroic. Should be downing 2 more heroic bosses upcoming sunday.

Earlier progress:
Firelands : 5/7 heroic (after nerf, aprox 2-3 weeks after guild was founded)

We raid Monday, sunday and tuesdays from 20.00-23.00 server time.
Guildsite : excilum.guildlaunch.com and make an apply if you are interested
Feel free to add me on RealID, Kimmi_1994@hotmail.com

We are also doing alt runs as well, outside our main runs

Currently looking for:
Paladin: low (hpalla needed)
Shaman: medium (resto shaman + ele shaman needed)
Rogue: low
Hunter: low
Warrior: medium (especially need warrior dps)
Mage: medium
Warlock: high
Priest: high
Death Knight: high
Druid: medium (boomkin and feral tank needed)

Raid attendance is expected to be an average of 2 raids per week

Also, you can talk in-game with me (Arethoteles), Suushy, Ataraxy, Clearfrag or Alzirya on Jaedenar EU


Best regards,
Punished on Auchindoun is looking for DPS. Since one of our rogues vanished and other has irl issues, we are looking for another rogue to our 10-man team.

About us:
We are a 10-man raiding guild, which has the policy of real life > WoW, but when we do raid, we take it seriously and give our best to make a kill happen. Same seriousness is expected from any member of the guild. Which means - bring your own food, flask, potion and gold for repairs (if needed).

We raid from Mon-Thurs 21.00-00.00 ST, 33% attendance per month is required to maintain raider spot.
Current progress (due to roster issues) is 8/8 (7/8 pre-buff) DS Normal, 1/7 FL HM

You can read more from http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/3295190013 our post or visit our webpage - http://punished-guild.eu

For invite/chat, you can add my realID - bekhkhit@hotmail.com and we can have a chat.

GL in finding yourself a good home.

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