BM hunter PVP, best pet?

Hi all, I've decided to give hunter PVP a go and I think im going to start with BM untill I get slightly better geared.

Title says it all really, which pet is the best for BM hunter pvp?
For burst really :)
Best BM PvP Pet is Definately --> Loque'Nahak.
Yeah I tried camping him for a while but I don't know the best spot, how about another good BM pet that is fairly easy to come across? :P
Hmm Arcturis is the easiest - one spawn point no one there... win

Then Skoll is pretty easy - only (i think) 2 main spawn points, however the respawn timer is a little long. I managed to get Loque and Skoll on the same day at similar times, keep looking just before the hour and wait flying around their spawn points until about 12 minutes past.

But ye, Arcturis is easiest.

If you run with anything like a healer (ret included), but no rogue or other class able to apply the 30%healing debuff then go with devilsaur instead - but basically go with ferocity pet ratehr than cunning like MM.
Best PvP pets for BM hunters are the Spirit Beasts hands down. Only ferocity pets with a defensive ability - and it's a good one too.

Easiest to get imo should be Ghostcrawler. He's in a total desolate area of the game; there's pretty much NOTHING else where he is. Plus afaik he's damn hard to kill because of his nerfbat skill which prevents people from randomly killing him.
I always suggest a Silithid at low resilience, and any Spirit Beast once you're geared.

SB throws out a lot of heals & has the best solo-play damage buff in the game, and it does tons of damage itself as it's Ferocity.

Silithid has a ranged root + stamina buff, + Roar of Sacrifice for PvP, all of which are excellent when you're low on resi and need to play more defensively.

Chimaeras have a nice ranged snare, and if it's over you when you FD enemies may have trouble retargeting straightaway, but I found the Silithid's root more useful (and the stamina buff is nice for when it's lacking).

As to WHICH spirit beast--they're all pretty similar. If you want to be easily able to keep track of it in a fight, Skoll is best for color or Loque for sound if you play with sound. If you want your pet to not get focused, use Ghostcrawler--it's tiny, and translucent, and a lot of people don't seem to notice it eating their butts off. He's also the most likely to be spawned when you go hunting for a spirit beast, since he's unkillable, only tameable, and very out-of-the-way.

As mentioned, Devilsaurs do put out a free MS, + heavy damage, so if you're running with a healer + already have the spirit beast's buff, a Devilsaur is great to have.

Bring a Core Hound too. You can pop Bloodlust at the start of a fight in bgs, and then swap pet and go in for the nuke, or just use the Core Hound (it has a ranged casting speed debuff).
Thanks for all the help!
Also there is an addon --> NPCScan which will autowarn you if a nearby rare pet spawns! and it shows spawn points, Really helpfull addon.
Or there is always the target rare pet macro:

/tar loque'nahak will target, erm well, loque'nahak just add lines with the others in and fly around the spawn points spamming the button. It usually pops before you get anywhere near the location if they are there. Obviously it then gets shown up in your mini map.

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