Guild Wars 2 is going to kill WOW

Tera will also kill WOW


Its true, wow is gona be over before we know it .. just like this world!!!!!!!! 2012
so if the world is gonna end in 2012, why would you even care? you'll get to play tera2 and gw2 for like a month or 2.

not long enough for them to kill wow sorry.

im suceeding in being a fail troll.. muahaha you fell in to my trap card.

WoW won't die because people fear change, sure they test the waters on other games but always return to the safety of what they know.

The only thing that will kill WoW (is killing WoW as we speak) is Activision, their incessant need to push for bigger better profits is what will eventually doom WoW.
Tera looks like a .. Terrible game.
Why won't people learn these games will not kill wow. Did swtor or Rift the other apparent wow killers even come close to killing it?

Why won't people learn that these are acts of trolling and he is merely taking advantage of it and making a forum thread which in turn should be reported, weird how people taking them seriously though, isn't it?


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