Axiom10 man 12/13hc recruiting DPS,

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Who are we?

Axiom is a Horde raiding guild . We are a very tight-knit group who believe friendship and good times should go hand in hand with progression , we have been playing together for the majority of wrath and Catacylsm. We recruit on a need bases not just to fill the guild so have a small roster.

As a guild our current progress in MOP standing at

6/6 Mogu'shan Valuts (Heroic)
5/6 Hear of Fear (Heroic)
4/4 Terrace of Endless Springs (Heroic)
12/13 Throne of Thunder (Heroic)

We raid 10 man on Wed,Thurs, Sun,Mon
20:00hrs - 23:00hrs

Recruitment looking for

DPS (ranged or melee)

to come join us must have Heroic experience in current tier.

Will consider all exceptional applicants, if your class isnt listed above and you think you can help our progression, then come show us ;P

Key skills and traits we expect from applicants:

- Reliable Attendance – We expect attendance at least 3 times per raiding week, and good punctuality on those raiding nights.
- A thorough knowledge of class and spec – We expect active thinking upon and understanding of the applicant’s chosen class and spec; we are not seeking members that simply follow what they read on Elitist Jerks, or any website, without thinking about what they are actually reading.
- A desire to progress – Consumables, coffee and prior tactical knowledge, we expect applicants to show up prepared, alert and informed about the boss encounters we are progressing on.
- Communication skills – A solid grasp of English is essential to joining the guild, we expect members to communicate actively on Ventrilo, and a good sense of humour is vital.
- Skill, not gear – It is not expected of you to have extensive amounts of main spec, offspec, off-offspec or capital-city idling gear. If we are convinced you are a good player, that gear will come naturally in time.

Enjoy and goodluck to all guilds currently raiding
Oh u went 10man, sad to hear that but best of luck in the near future guys :)
Thx lex and yes put it on this post about why,
21/02/2012 17:07Posted by Lëx
Oh u went 10man, sad to hear that but best of luck in the near future guys :)

thank you
best of luck to you to.
Bump from a old friend, good luck in 10 guys :D
23/02/2012 07:29Posted by Makey
Bump from a old friend, good luck in 10 guys :D

hey makey, cheers
hope everything is good
Warmaster Blackhorn 10 heroic down :D
Congrats! :)
Looking for an experience Holy Paladin to join our raid team for progess on final 2 bosses of Dragon Soul heroic.

Apply on website below or whisper me for more info.
Seems we are now in the market for a couple of experienced raiders to come join us in our quest to finish Dragon Soul Hc, Must have at least 8/8 normal cleared and a history of raiding on char applying on.

Tank (Not warrior)

Healer - Holy pala or Resto Shammy

Ranged - Ele Shammy or SPriest.

Can apply at website below or whisper me for more info

Still on look out for Holy Pala and a ranged DPS to come help us finish heroic DS.
Bump for heroic Spine :D
Gratz on spine :D
bump for 8/8 heroic!
gratz on madness
Bump for Heroic Madness video :D -->

All other vids of Axiom can be found on my youtube channel aswell :P including a heroic Spine vid which I'll be uploading sometime today.

Also still interested in ranged DPS, feel free to apply at if you'd like to join our guild to travel into Pandaland together :P
Big grats on 8/8!

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