Soloed The Lich King - now with video

25/02/2012 23:01Posted by Scathe
Sure, here is my gear and talents:

Forgot to check this thread for a couple of days, but thank you so much! Glad to see I'm on the right track using the 2set bonus, and a mix of my ret and pvp gear.
Fantastic work! :)
Very impressive, I must say :) Since you are such a pro at soloing, what would you recommend for soloing? Ret or prot? If it's prot, would you also say it's crucial to have souldrinker?
Personally I do all my soloing as prot, mostly in dps gear.

For the Lich King, I'd say Souldrinker is mandatory for 2 reasons: Its healing allows you to stick to SoT a bit more in easy phases, and at hard moments it helps with the healing. Not to mention the ~3% extra damage done you get from it...

For more trivial stuff, having it isn't a must
Holy crap nice work, been doing alot of soloing myself never thought of LK possible in this expansion tho

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