Might realm transfer here.


I'm hating the place I've called home for the past few years....
Nothing even remotely interesting is happening here and for me a real PvP lover that's quite sad.

Everyone talk about Stormscale being THE PvP realm and I'm wondering if I make the jump if there's a PvP guild lvl 25 willing to take me in? :)

Is Stormscale more active than Turalyon?

Hows the economy?


(BTW. Disregard the chants on my EQ..Leveling Enchanting.)
I strongly suggest you to not do it, the social experience is a nightmare since 99% of the population is very unsocial & unfriendly, same goes for raids or pvp, everything needs achievements.
22/02/2012 19:31Posted by Týwin
same goes for raids or pvp, everything needs achievements.

That's normal
As a former Turalyon resident myself, I can garuntee you will find a good PvP guild to stay in and massive amounts of activity in every aspect of the game here. However, the community is nowhere near as friendly or as linked as Turalyon. This is down to the majority of people on the realm having transferred here from elsewhere. Don't expect to get into a puG unless you're geared to the teeth and have high ratings in everything. Which, from my knowledge, no one left on Tura has.

The economy is a lot more active than Tura, but there are some massive price differences - so research and stock up before you move and you could make a killing. *cough Frostweave *cough*

I recommend you do switch because - let's face it - nothing is left of that realm on Horde side. On the plus side, a lot of people have transferred from there in the past so i'm sure you can find a group of old Turalyons here.
I want to move away from - Jaedenar - its dead ...
I love PvP ... always loved ... but never had a really good team in arena ... not even in RBGs.
Im not an elit skilled beast ... but could be better with decent teammates. Most of them (who I was played with) just less skilled than me ... If some better guy was ... he was a pure elitist. No patience, just blaming -.-'

I though I could go to Stormscale cuz of PvP :)
Or what do you think? Is it better if Im go somewhere else? If yes where to?
We have queues to get in the realm already! No moar please :(

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