Help being HUNTER!!!

Hey Hunter mates,
im playing WoW not so long, but i realized Hunter is my class, i got ilvl 387, and nice talents
(i think), but i still got very low DPS 25-30k, noone wants to take me for raids. Could you please guys give me some advices, about my gear, talents, or help me and write good rotation?

King Regards Sixxpack :)
25-30 k sounds ok for 387. Your enchants are mostly fine......Use SV if you want to push your numbers up a bit, but if your going to use MM remember to always keep rapid fire of CD so you can nuke with aimed shot. Reforging is hit >crit / as MM rotation(priority is a better word) is --
- hunters mark
- serpent sting
- Steady shots in pairs for buff
- arcane shot focus dump/ aimed shot when rapid fire is up or it is a instant cast
-chimera shot whenever its up
Ty very much for help, and could you give me a rotation for survival, maybe i will try play in it to raise my DPS :)

works for me ^^
Thank you very much for help :)
First of all you need to cap your hit 8%.
After that you need to reforge all haste to crit or mastery.
Spec survival, and i see you got talents in steady shot but survival hunters use cobra shot.
Re gem everything to agi and crit after your hit caped ofc, so Agi>crit>mastery.

The rotation is simple, Sting the target up serpent sting and black arrow.
Dont forget hunters mark it gives you 1772 ranged attack power.
After that explosive shot, arcane shot, two cobra shots, if you has extra focus hit one or two arcane shots as a filler.

That should help your DPS so have fun and good luck.
Haste (20%) => Crit > Mastery
that was 6 month ago, now haste is gives you nothing unless you haste up so your cobra shot is a 1sec cast. And good luck with that.

Keep your self updated m8 and dont wright stuff on forum before looking things up.
Thanks Rojah that helped a lot :)
always gem for pure agi (40) unless you can gain more or equal to an 40agi gem just for an example legs with red/blue and a 20 agi for using the correct sockets it would look like 40agi 20agi 20hit

as you got 20hit for free without dropping any agi

what im trying to say is agi->secondary stats
if you can afford 50agi gems you can skip the 20agi bonus and just gem x2 50agi gems
Reforge crit, no mastery. Mastery ONLY increases MAGICAL damage done and survival hunter still deals a lot of non-magical damage.
23/02/2012 11:13Posted by Sixxpack
Ty very much for help, and could you give me a rotation for survival, maybe i will try play in it to raise my DPS :)

Classes don't have rotations, and will NEVER have rotations. It's all a priority system where you yourself need to decide what to do. You can't just blindly follow a rotation.

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