Aquatic and Travel Form for Druids

I've noticed, as many others have appointed before me, that the druid aquatic and travel form could need an update in both model and functionality. So I will present some angles and ideas that could be applied, which most likely would be much needed and appreciated!

Aquatic form:
- Speed. The underwater speed should be buffed to make the form more effective, like for example, in Vashj'ir. (Faster).

- Allow them above the water and even on the ground, but reduce their speed dramatically on land so they would need to get out of this form to get any particular progress considering distance traveled. If you for example wish to travel by water, you may pounce out of the water and above the surface at the same speed you came from (it's like when you ride your mount off a cliff and fall at the same fast speed), to then dive into water again at the same speed.

- There should be several different models for the different races to make the form more attractive.

Examples of aquatic seacreatures that potentially could be aquatic forms:
Dolphin (personal opinion: Night Elf.) Make them nice and blue and starry, beautiful "tattoos".
Orca (personal opinion: Tauren.) Big, colour may fade to brown, magnificent beasts.
Sea lion or seal (personal opinion: Worgen.) With ferocious teeth and wild fur, seapredators.
Frenzy (personal opinion: Trolls.) Colourful and terrifying, pirañas of WoW.
Seahorse (personal opinion: alternative for Trolls.) Make them eccentric and colourful with cool trinkets.


Travel form:
- Speed. Change the travel form so it functions as a mount. It should have a cast, but perhaps with a shorter cast time than average mounts. This would make it useful, but not completely overpowered in PvP. Alternatively; have two different travel forms where one is instant cast but slower, and the other has a regular cast but is as fast as any other mount.

- May carry another player, functioning as a 2-seat groundmount.

- There should be different models depending on the race it belongs to.

Examples of landcreatures that would be appropriate as travel forms:
Stag (personal opinion: Night elf.) Ancient protectors in history, swift like the wind.
Bull (personal opinion: Tauren.) Strong and fast. Worth fleeing from if seen in battle.
Raptor (personal opinion: Troll.) Fast and intelligent, colourful and adourned with trinkets.
Worg (wolf) (personal opinion: Worgen.) Back to the roots! Ferocious. Wild fur, big teeth.

Edit - Troll travel form suggestions:
- Tiger. The different jungle-troll tribes around Azeroth tend to befriend the tigers surrounding them. Why not take it a step further and let their druids be inspired by their catty friends? Bigger, buffer and faster than their average catform.
- Lizard (warp stalker model with modifications). Swifter and more agile than the other lizardy creatures, the crocolisks and the basilisks.

I pray for this thread to be seen and then answered with a blue post, but until then I hope it will get a lot of views, support and opinions!
I agree on your ideas of functions.

But with the change in looks of the models I disagree. I'd rather see Blizzard spending time elsewhere to make the game models look more appealing - such as bigger variety in the way mounts and gear look, instead of just a color change.

Than we get new models of shapeshifts we rarely use anyway.
See, that's where I want the functionality to make the rarely used shapeshifts more used, and more appealing to the player. The aquatic and travel forms have been unchanged since the dawn of days, whereas we keep getting new gear and we already have hundreds of mounts.
But all these areas are just as important, at least to me.

The looks of gear and mounts are important, yes, but shapeshift models and even our very own character models could do with some updating to look as smooth as possible.
Loving this I agree with all your points made. I hope Blizzard recognise this. The only point I'd make is not have raptor for troll as this is their racial mount. Instead this could be replaced with:

- A Tiger

- A Lizard (Komodo Dragon or alike)

good post.
I like most of your idea's. Especially being able to carry someone while using travelform :P.

But I don't think we will EVER see something non-mammal(sharks, fish etc), as all of our forms now are mammals(Tree maybe not but still :P).

I just want to be a giant blue whale, trolling at the frozen sea in Borean Tundra :(
Dolphins are mammals too!
Oh! I think I might love you. Your post has pretty much summarised my feelings on this matter.

I would love to see this in game; I've always been a bit disappointed in the Swim form since I picked it up as I was never exactly sure what it's supposed to /be!/ I love all your ideas for suggested forms (I've always been jealous of the Orca in Borean Tundra ever since I laid eyes on them!) and an 'upgrade' on their looks would definitely make me use them more frequently.

This sounds really good, the only part I'd disagree on as someone said before is raptors for troll travel form as that's their racial mount.

(OT) In the sense of updating things, I also think they need to update the human/orc/troll/other vanilla races model. Compared to Worgen and Dreanei which have been done really well imo.
Hmm. I thought about the raptor a lot, and thought it could be cool! But I can see the issue with it being their racial mount as well. I'll try to think of alternatives and do some research! Will update the previous post when I figure something out.

However, the worgens travel form would be a worg, which is also the orcs' racial mount, but this form would make most sense. So this one feels right at least.

Edit - Troll travel form suggestions:
- Tiger. The different jungle-troll tribes around Azeroth tend to befriend the tigers surrounding them. Why not take it a step further and let their druids be inspired by their catty friends? Bigger, buffer and faster than their average catform.
- Lizard (warp stalker model with modifications). Swifter and more agile than the other lizardy creatures, the crocolisks and the basilisks.
Just change models, but don't make travel mount speed or cast, travel is a vital part of resto druid / balance druid PvP and it needs to stay instant and in combat
I like the idea of the Tiger!

- who wouldn't love a tiger with a mohawk :)
till now acquatic form is usefull only in coilfang reservoir and vashir, btw with the glyph you have the same speed than seahorse mount (371%), if you don't like fill a spot for that glyph, just go on water surface, jump and use the flying form.

travel form is usefull only in wsg and eye fo storm (always as flag courier). low levels already get the 60% speed mount at levl 20.
I've been a druid since wow started and went feral lvl 54 vanilla from boomkin.

Sealion could do with an update on graphics. Shark/dolphin idea sounds good.

If you have the sealion glyph and have max flight skill you are the fastest thing in vashj'r.

I think it's a crap idea having water forms on land. That's why we have cat and mount.

And is there anyway Tauren cat (feral not travel) could have a black mane on black body? Grey makes us look old!

The best idea in WoW I've seen so far. Blizz should do this!
I just find it a pity that we for example call it a Travel form, but we never actually use it to travel! The travel form would have to be modified to fit PvP as well since it's essential, but in general I think it deserves a boost considering look and functionality, to make it used more for the average traveler.
with the aquatic form models do it like this

You can choose which model you want but the COLOR will stay the same depending on your race (for PVP reasons)

and do it so that you can walk on the ground but keep it at 100% speed

It would be funny to go to stormwind and see a random orca flopping around
(but give them all like a 10 min breath saying you can either switch into caster form before the 10 mins is up or else you will die >:3

travel form
and with travel form make two forms one that is 40% (the current one) and one that is 100% and give them two different color schemes

the options were good but make it so that if its the 40% version its the cheetah but its greatly increased in detail and color changing the base color (so not the spots) depending on your race

Nelf - Purple
Worgen - pale Grey
Tauren - Deep Orange
troll - wild green

and then for the 100% give it a 0.7 casting time (unusable in combat ofc) seated (for someone to ride you) other than that make it exactly like the maker of the forum said it
At least what I can safely say with everyone agreeing, is that the travel and aquatic form could need a major update in looks! It shouldn't take THAT much effort should it? There would be a lot of happy druids out there then, that's for sure!

I have to say though, I don't PvP on my druid, so how the travel form should work in this setting is a little beyond me. But that's why I suggested two travel forms in the first place, one travel form being exactly as it is now in function, and the other being more like a mount.
The one being like a mount should also be like Lunarwing says, unable to be cast in combat.
As a druid, I prefer NOT to be mounted...@.@
Ohh, and the travel form, 2-person mount like form, should have the function of shaking other people off if they want. I think most 2-person mounts have this already, yes?
Or maybe even an option to "take off" the saddle?

So that druids shalln't be mounted if they don't want to!

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