DPS failing on DW

I now officialy downed DW 2 times. The problem is that on every other boss im having the the best dps but at DW im always having the worst dps and are just above the 40k(Im not complaining about my dps, it just seems weird that my dps is the lowest on DW and highest on the other bosses). On priori thanks :)

Why is this? Would like to know if some palas are experiencing the same
As a dps you have to pop most if not all your cooldowns on the Mutated corruption in order to kill it with one tank (so you won't get two impales.) This means your dps when you're on the wing for example and it's 100% more damage on it wont have cooldowns on it and your dps won't blow the !@#$ up in the sky like some other classes who can pop a cooldown every 30 second or 1 minute.

Also, you're a burst class, not really a DoT class.
I wish that 40k would be enough to be first on tables on my guild :( eheh
ret sucks !@# at procing spellweave, thats y ur dps is lower on DW then other dps classes
You should go do some research about what procs spellweave.
Example, on bloods aoe, you should divine storm (with SoR) > Holy Wrath which can proc alot of spellweave.Consecration doesn't proc it.All in all, if everyone knows how to play his char you will remain around the bottom of the list, simply because we don't proc as much spellweave.
Ty a lot for the answers ppl, helped me :)

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