Two small things that will make destruction fine.

Damage is balanced i think, if played right we could give good dps. Just need to know that corruption and bane of doom or agony should be on the rotation both in pve and pvp. Some people dont know that and just spamm casting spells as it was in lich king.. Well, i shall come to the point.. the two small adjustment we should have is a dispel protection for immolate. And the second change should be so immolate last longer. Now it feels like we have to spam fel flame all the time.
Okay...... There have been a million similar topics..... This topic is a waiste of space.
Yes, waste of topic space.

Other than the demand for a dispell prot. for immo, what was the point of your post? I didn't really understand what you are talking about with the banes and corruption?

In PvE you don't use Felflame unless you really HAVE to(e.g heavy movement), you re-apply Immo instead, so I don't understand your comment on Felflame either.
Double the damage on Chaos Bolt and reduce the cast time of Soul Fire by 0.5 sec.
Maybe add 10% more crit to Fire and Brimstone like it was in Wotlk and it would be more than fine. Dispel protection is not an issue due to Burning Embers.

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